Mobile website or casino app, which is better?

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1 Mobile website or casino app, which is better?

Mobile phone usage has grown exponentially over the past few years along with online casinos. While most players are familiar with playing over PCs, they are unable to access their favorite games while on the move.

Mobile casino websites and mobile casino apps are the solutions to this issue.

They allow players to carry the casino wherever they go and offer almost the same functionality you will find on a desktop version. This means more of your favourite games, anywhere and anytime.

But which option works best? Mobile website or mobile app? This article will shed some light on the advantages of each that will allow you to make the best choice.

Advantages of Mobile Website

Easily accessible
All you need to access an online casino website is a browser. Whether it is Chrome, Mozilla, or Safari for android or IOS, you can easily access an online casino. With an app, you will need to download and install it from the respective app store which takes some time. If you are in a hurry to get to the games, the waiting time between a website and an app will make a difference.

Wide compatibility
Mobile websites have wide compatibility. They can work across different devices without extra customisation. Mobile phone or tablet, you will use the same browsers across devices.

Apps, unfortunately, need customisation for different devices even on the same operating system (OS). You may need different casino game apps for all operating systems and different devices.

Updating is easy
You will probably not notice updates on the website until they are implemented. The website performs updates without involving the user so that all you need to do is play.

For apps, the updates need to be loaded on the app store where they are downloaded by the user. The user then has to perform the updates manually to their phone which takes considerable time from the fun you could be having at the online casino.

Finding them is easy
Locating a mobile website is easy since you only need to search for it in the browser. More so, if you are visiting the casino desktop website, you will be redirected to the mobile site which is more compatible with your device.

Apps are only accessible on their respective app store or as an apk file on the website. This means you need to go into the respective app store and search for the specific app for your device before you download it. You have to do due diligence to make sure the version is specific for your mobile phone or tablet.


Creating a mobile website is considerably cheaper and takes less time than a mobile app. You will not need different websites for different browsers. But you will need different apps for android and IOS plus different devices such as tablets and mobile devices.

Not forgetting that there is also a cost for support and maintenance. The cost of support and maintenance of an app will be higher than for a website.

Advantages of Mobile app

Superior interactivity
Interactive games are better suited for apps. For example, poker and slots would benefit from a more interactive platform like an app that allows users to experience all the sounds, sights, and other interactions.

Apps give players the option to customize the interface to their liking. They can remove and add important tabs, change colours and make themselves feel at home within the app interface.

Better functionality
While you will find many similar features on the website and apps like SMS and GPS, there will be some differentiated features on apps. On an app, you can get camera access plus the processing speed will be faster than on the website.

Offline access
Apps are great for when you do not have internet access. Through their offline mode, you can still play and enjoy most games. Data can be stored locally and accessed whenever you get back in proximity to the internet.

Visual reports and calculations
When you want to process complex data into understandable formats like reports or charts, apps have features that can help. It could be data on current winnings or time spent on a specific game or leader boards.

If you want to keep track of your statistics, apps are your best option.

Choosing the best option between a mobile casino website or a mobile casino app boils down to personal choice. They both have similarities and unique advantages that you should consider before making a choice.

It also does not need to be a choice between the two. You can use both. Are you looking for offline casino access? Mobile gambling apps may be for you. Are you looking for casino access that cuts across devices without the hassle of downloading several apps? Mobile gambling sites may be what you need.

Whichever option you choose, have fun but remember to gamble responsibly.

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