Funny Finds (15 pics)

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“Our friend is buying his first home today, so we worked with his realtor to be sure this is the first thing waiting for him in his kitchen.”

1 Funny Finds (15 pics)

“My friend’s red-haired daughter has a self-deprecating sense of humor, and she put this in the fridge.”

2 Funny Finds (15 pics)

“My cousins have Alopecia Universalis and an excellent sense of humor.”

3 Funny Finds (15 pics)

“I lost a bet and I owe my friend $20. Here’s how I’ll give it to him on Monday.”

4 Funny Finds (15 pics)

“Although I know she’s worried about the hurricane, my mom still keeps her sense of humor about it.”

5 Funny Finds (15 pics)

“I had a friend move in due to a last-minute change in his living situation. So I got him a cake.”


6 Funny Finds (15 pics)

“I pranked my wife.”

7 Funny Finds (15 pics)

“I made this little guy to scare my husband in the morning!”

8 Funny Finds (15 pics)

“Asked my husband for a salad...this is what he brought back!”

9 Funny Finds (15 pics)

“My son told my husband there was a lot of water coming from under the sink to the fridge.”

10 Funny Finds (15 pics)

“My husband gifted me a bandana banana.”


11 Funny Finds (15 pics)

“My wife’s interesting choice of words for our anniversary cake!”

12 Funny Finds (15 pics)

“My 12-year-old daughter’s sense of humor is showing.”

13 Funny Finds (15 pics)

“My daughter called me on my way back from the store stating that our toilet had a huge leak. I came home to this...”

14 Funny Finds (15 pics)

“My friend made a stool chart cake for my birthday.”

15 Funny Finds (15 pics)


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