Common Misconceptions That Just Aren’t True

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1 Common Misconceptions That Just Aren’t True

Humans love to share gasp inducing, or thought provoking, information. As such, it is the most sensational information that is commonly shared. The only problem is that almost all of the information shared in this fashion is misleading, misunderstood, or outright nonsense.

Rice Kills Birds

Many weddings have stopped throwing rice due to the notion that, if eaten by a bird, the rice will swell and kill the animal. The fact of the matter is that many birds love to eat wild rice on a regular basis, so believing that any rice would kill the animal is a truly silly notion. It is far more common than ever to see confetti at weddings, though this is arguably more to do with confetti being colourful, and fluttering attractively as to falls to the ground.

Spinach Isn’t High In Iron

Although spinach does have iron, it isn’t a particularly good source of it. The misconception stems from the popular Popeye comic, in which the character eats spinach to gain immense strength. Other misconceptions claim that Popeye’s creator, Elzie Crisler Segar, is quoted as declaring that iron in the vegetable as the source of Popeye’s strength. Segar actually said it is the vitamin A in spinach, not iron.

Great Wall Of China From Space

The Great Wall Of China is not visible from space. Though, this does depend on which altitude is considered to be ‘space.’ By the majority of common definitions of the term, however, the Great Wall of China is not even remotely visible. But virtually all major metros are visible, assuming that the sun is in the correct position. The light from metros can be seen at an astonishingly far distance.

Caffeine Is Not Dehydrating

It is extremely common to hear that sodas, tea and coffee are dehydrating due to their caffeine content. In fact, the hydration levels of these drinks is literally indistinguishable from a glass of water. This certainly doesn’t mean that coffee should be treated as water, given that caffeine does have other, clear consequences when consumed. Caffeine does not, however, cause dehydration.

No Disproportionate Words For Snow

It is amongst the most prevalent myths that Inuit tribes have a vast number of words for snow. In truth they have about as many as the English language. The misconception came about from a misunderstanding of the words of Franz Boas. Boas noted that the tribes have multiple words for snow, equating it to English. For example; blizzard, flurry, squall.

Rule Of Thumb

Rule Of Thumb does not relate to a law allowing a man to beat his wife, providing the stick is no thicker than his thumb. No such law has ever existed. The term comes from 17th century trading, where measurements were made by thumb.

5% Of Our Brains

Humans do not use only 5%, 15%, or 25% of their brains. They use 100%. Though at any given moment in time may use a certain percentage, depending on the task at hand. For example, you’ll use less when enjoying the online slots Australia offers than when trying to solve a complex math equation.

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