A Few Essential Apps For Your Small Business

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1 A Few Essential Apps For Your Small Business

We live in an age where just about every task, no matter how specific, has an Android or iOS app. From customer relations, to team management, for inventory management, there is almost certainly a great app. The only real challenge is finding the app that fits your needs, doesn’t cost a fortune, and genuinely helps with work flow.


QuickBooks is accounting software that has been around for decades. It is also the most popular accounting software in the world, and for very good reason. To put it plainly, the software streamlines bookkeeping to an incredible degree, so much so that virtually no professional accountant is without it. Yes, there is still a fair amount of accounting knowledge required to use it, but even an amateur bookkeeper will learn in no time.

SOS Inventory

Keeping track of inventory can be nothing short of a nightmare, especially when multiple deliveries are being made on a daily basis. But SOS Inventory is designed from the ground up to make sure you know exactly what’s going on, at all times. Not only will the software track inventory in multiple locations, but it will also do so via serial number, or specific monetary value. Naturally, it works on tablets, allowing you to see important information while you physically walk through a warehouse.


The days of manually writing work hours and availability in journals, only to have to waste valuable time discussing schedules with teammates, are truly gone. Teamdeck is a fantastic time management app that is shared across numerous devices, allowing everyone in an office to quickly and easily indicate availability. This means that an entire group can always know where every member is at a given time, while also quickly ensuring that no conflicting schedules are created. Better still, the app even auto-generates performance reports. Teamdeck is all but essential for any business that is based around fitting employees into variable timeslots.


From time management to team management, Slack is a dream come true. If your business is based around multiple teams working on differing projects, it simply doesn’t get better than this extremely convenient little app. It is no longer required that emails be sent back and forth, or that team productivity be slowed to a crawl due to poor communication. Slack allows for fast, convenient sharing of information at all times. Plus, the software will also recognise that separate teams, although not on the same project, are still sharing the same office space. Claims are that Slack can increase productivity by as much as 32%, but you’ll have to test those stats for yourself.


Here we have a true classic, Skype. It is known as video call software, but few realise it can also share files, project screens, and send texts, all while including up to a maximum of 25 in a group. To put it bluntly, the true scope of Skype is often sorely overlooked. For an era where working from is more common than ever and we can access slots in Philippines online, it doesn’t get much better than Skype for staying in direct communication with co-workers.

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