Big Achievements (20 pics)

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1 Big Achievements (20 pics)

"Progress at work. I started in frozen a 2 weeks ago after no one wanted to take the department.

Between working the trucks by myself and doing backstock every night, I am starting to get things under control. Not a huge thing but I am really proud of myself so far. Thanks for letting me share."

2 Big Achievements (20 pics)

"My beautiful girlfriend is an avid knitter and just finished her first sweater! I am unbelievably proud of her and she looks gorgeous sporting her new threads!"

3 Big Achievements (20 pics)

"Dad created plasma in the basement. Apparently it is the 4th state of matter and is created under a vacuum with high voltage. He has been working on it for a while and is quite proud of himself."

4 Big Achievements (20 pics)

"My husband just finished building his first PC and I captured the moment he turned it on. This is pure, authentic joy and I couldn’t be more proud of him!"

5 Big Achievements (20 pics)

"Three years ago I was addicted to drugs, almost homeless, and depressed. I am now a proud single mom with an amazing job and home."


6 Big Achievements (20 pics)

"My gramma has gone two weeks without smoking a single cigarette!"

7 Big Achievements (20 pics)

"My proud dad with his basil (before we made 3 quarts of pesto)."

8 Big Achievements (20 pics)

"Today my partner completed her 6th, and last, round of chemo. She is VERY proud of herself! As am I."

9 Big Achievements (20 pics)

"This week my friends cleaned the local beach from garbage. I am very proud of them. Hi from Russia."

10 Big Achievements (20 pics)

"Just a little fire-type family I crocheted up."


11 Big Achievements (20 pics)

"My wood maps won the British Cartographic society awards this year. So proud."

12 Big Achievements (20 pics)

"My wife and I just bought our first house!"

13 Big Achievements (20 pics)

"Today I hit a massive milestone. I struggled with my weight and bipolar, manic depression and anxiety all my life. Im still way off my target weight but Today i ran my 1st ever 5k and it was in full sweats and thermals. Im so proud of myself."

14 Big Achievements (20 pics)

"My husband is so proud of his little 80’s arcade he set up in our basement."

15 Big Achievements (20 pics)

"My father was in law enforcement for 40+ years. My sister just graduated from the academy! So proud of her!"


16 Big Achievements (20 pics)

"My Mother undervalues her skills as an at home baker – I’m extremely proud of her work!"

17 Big Achievements (20 pics)

"I was really proud of my edge today."

18 Big Achievements (20 pics)

"Proud of my 72-year-old father! After 215 hours, he finally beat his first console game ever, The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild!"

19 Big Achievements (20 pics)

"A year apart From 320lbs to 200lbs – Big changes for me over the last year, Pretty proud."

20 Big Achievements (20 pics)

"Gon’ jump on the ‘new citizenship’ train. You are looking at a proud new citizen of Norway!"


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