Interesting Facts About Classic Movies

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1 Interesting Facts About Classic Movies

Cinema has an incredible history, stretching back into the early 1900s. Of course, any industry with a legacy this long has some fascinating stories. Sometimes the stories behind classic movies are more interesting than the films themselves. Though that is debatable, of course. Either way, these are some of the most interesting stories and facts about the cinema that shaped an industry.

The Psycho Toilet Scandal

The film Psycho is still celebrated today, despite having originally released in 1960. Amazingly, the story still holds up incredibly well, and with just a few tweaks it could have easily been released yesterday. It is also a horror movie that shattered many norms, marking it as a true pioneer of cinema. Most already know the shocking plot twist of the lead actress being murdered in the first half an hour. What most don’t know is that the film was also shocking due to showing a toilet. Director Alfred Hitchcock was well aware that it was considered inappropriate to show toilets in films, and jumped on the opportunity to drum up shock publicity.

Taxi Driver Was Written In 2 Weeks

Taxi Driver, released in 1976, is a grim, disturbing film that certainly isn’t remembered for being upbeat. It took the world by storm, is recognised as a landmark of cinema, and is still a staple at film schools around the world. It was also written in only 2 weeks, just a fraction of the time of most other films. Screenwriter Paul Schrader admitted in an interview that the script, often referred to as a masterpiece, was thrown together as he slept on an ex-girlfriend’s couch.

Wizard Of Oz Snow Is Lethal

A famous scene in the Wizard Of Oz depicts Dorothy being calmed as snowflakes drift down and settle on her body. Though, it isn’t real snow, of course, it’s actually asbestos. But this isn’t very surprising given that most Christmas decorations at the time featured asbestos as a key ingredient. It was still some time before researchers would realise just how deadly the substance is.

Ed Gein Inspired The Horror Classics

Most would say that there isn’t much similarity between Leatherface, Norman Bates and Hannibal Lecter. Other than they’re all creepy serial killers. But it turns out that all of the characters were based on the same notorious serial killer; Ed Gein. Besides being a cannibal, it was found that Gein also had a habit of turning his victims into masks and lampshades. Only, he didn’t use a chainsaw and chase his victims through fields. At least as far as anyone knows for sure.

Biggest Profits Of All Time

Lastly, when talking about the biggest earning films of all time, it is often overlooked that the production cost a ton of money in the first place. Unless you’re talking about Paranormal Activity. The production itself cost $60,000, plus marketing of around $400,000. Yet the movie earned a whopping $89 million, making it the most profitable film ever released and with even bigger returns than when you play blackjack for money. It even beat out previous champion Blair Witch Project.

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