Skills Required to Pass Azure Fundamentals Certification with Practice Tests

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1 Skills Required to Pass Azure Fundamentals Certification with Practice Tests

Microsoft Azure, usually mentioned as Azure is a cloud-based platform for testing, deploying, building and managing applications via Microsoft-managed data centers. The Azure cloud platform provides the customers with a set of tools, guidance, and narratives that help them to bring new solutions to life. You can build, run, and manage applications through multiple clouds with the tools and frameworks of your choice.

Cloud computing is rapidly covering almost all areas of business. That is why the career opportunities are increasing day by day. Such opportunities hold a wide range of roles ranging from architects and developers to data scientists and security professionals. By obtaining the fundamental level of Microsoft Azure certification, you will get basic knowledge and learn related skills to begin your Microsoft Azure certification journey.

Pass the Azure Fundamentals

For this Azure fundamentals certification, you need to pass the Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) exam to prove your knowledge about Azure's diverse phenomena. AZ-900 certification validates a candidate’s understanding of security and privacy in Azure, Azure services, cloud concepts, Azure workloads, and Azure support and pricing. After going through all the features covered in this certification, you will value its worth for your career. Gaining AZ-900 certification will make you acquainted with basic technology concepts, including networking, storage, compute, application support, and application development.

The AZ-900 exam is intended specially for those candidates who are just going to start work with cloud-based solutions and services or are new to Azure. AZ-900 practice test can be beneficial for those candidates who possess foundational knowledge of cloud services and know how those services merge well with Microsoft Azure. The AZ-900 certification provides you a firm foundation in your career by getting familiar with the fundamental terms utilized in the industry. This certification is actually a starting point; it means that it is the entry-level in the Azure certification path and after that you can further advance in your cloud computing career.

Microsoft Azure Skills

Experts with Microsoft Azure skills are increasingly on demand with the passage of time because more firms are shifting to cloud computing. The best part is that these IT professionals are paid well for their skills. The benefit of this certification is that the companies you can work for, apart from Microsoft Corporation, are growing by the day as more businesses accepting the technology. Having the AZ-900 certification, you get an extensive range of opportunities for your future career prospects. Just you need to follow the track that appeals you most.

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The Azure AZ-900 certification holders can earn more than their counterparts who don’t hold it. If you pass the fundamental certification of Azure (AZ-900), you become capable to handle more responsibilities in your current job. You can even guide other team members who are not familiar with Azure and can get promoted to a better-paying job role. Because of AZ-900 certification you can gradually accelerate your career and get opportunities for earning more.

Companies and Employees

There are a lot of companies and employees who prefer to hire certified candidates for specific job roles, and AZ-900 makes you recognizable when competing with other candidates. Although the AZ-900 certification may not be the base qualification for grabbing a job, the certification will make you able to stand out among other candidates.

When a candidate’s resume highlights the AZ-900 certification, he/she can get a better job role that needs somebody with Azure’s fundamental knowledge. If you don’t own this fundamental level certification, you will be unacquainted with all fundamental concepts of Azure. As a result, other candidates will get better opportunities for capturing new job roles compared to you.

Reasons for Choosing Azure Fundamental

One of the main reasons for choosing Azure fundamental level certification is because Microsoft applications are quite easy to learn and simple to implement. After successfully passing AZ-900 examination, it means you are fully equipped with vital knowledge and skills, and now ready to become a part of the Microsoft community. Once you make your way to the Microsoft Community, you will have great chances to share your knowledge on Azure with other experts. As a result, you will continually be enhancing your knowledge of Azure technologies and can also be informed about new Azure features being released. Moreover, you will be entitled as a Microsoft-certified professional which is an admirable achievement.

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