Bad Designs (17 pics)

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“Found it a few days ago in a shop. I presumed it was a bag but whoever had stocked the shelf obviously thought it was a shoe.”

1 Bad Designs (17 pics)

"Totally inconspicuous zipper"

2 Bad Designs (17 pics)

“My feet hurt a lot. Who on earth thought this was a good idea?”

3 Bad Designs (17 pics)

"The placement of these rather saggy bunny ears is definitely not the best."

4 Bad Designs (17 pics)

“These socks were almost cool but I don’t think I want to show off my 2 right-clubbed feet.”

5 Bad Designs (17 pics)

"It’s supposed to be wrinkle-free."


6 Bad Designs (17 pics)

"These fake zippers make holes in your boot when you walk."

7 Bad Designs (17 pics)

"The brown tye-dye on this set of pajamas is less than pleasing to the eye."

8 Bad Designs (17 pics)

“For it’s winter, and you ain’t about that sock-and-sandal life!”

9 Bad Designs (17 pics)

“This was actually really funny to me. Then I realized it’s not even centered. Then I got mad.”

10 Bad Designs (17 pics)

“Whoever designed this onesie has never seen a human child.”


11 Bad Designs (17 pics)

"When you want to be a cool cowboy, even on the ice rink"

12 Bad Designs (17 pics)

“My wife’s new dress has a total of 2 pockets, and this is one of them.”

13 Bad Designs (17 pics)

“Needed a new sports bra with better support. After using the sizing table on the website and matching to my specific size, I received this in the mail.”

14 Bad Designs (17 pics)

“They said it was custom; they said I would never have a shirt fit like this...”

15 Bad Designs (17 pics)

“They claimed it was “made that way to help the material not pull while sitting.”


16 Bad Designs (17 pics)

“These are the worst shoes I’ve ever seen.”

17 Bad Designs (17 pics)


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