Why Visual Content Sites Will Always Be So Popular

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1 Why Visual Content Sites Will Always Be So Popular

As a species, humans are naturally drawn to images and photos. Especially in today’s day and age, where everything is captured on camera, and everyone’s lives are lived through their phones.

We don’t have to search too far to see the impact that visual content has had on the world as we know it. There are apps, blogs and sites dedicated to visual content only. Things like Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram all found their popularity and fame around 2012, this was when the internet changed forever, as this was seen as the rise and start of the visual web.

The rise of smart phones and their high quality cameras resting in the pocket of almost everyone in the world, means that everyone with a smart phone has the ability to create visual content and upload it to any social media platform or site that will take their content. This opens up the world of visual content to the masses, not only to provide the content but also to consume it too.

Here are 4 reasons why pictures and visual content will always be popular, regardless of what’s trending:

1. Visual content is easy to handle and easy to digest in bite size chunks. Text, videos, blogs, they all require time, effort and mental clarity that people don’t always have available. When information is quick and easy to consume, like it is in picture format, it is much more appealing. 

2. Visual content is omni-channel appropriate. It translates across all social media platforms and all websites, regardless of what they are or who their target market is. Images are easy to understand and even easier to share.

3. Pictures are well known for their ability to support search engine optimization. Images require search friendly captions and related metadata. This means that website, blogs, brands are all able to increase their hits and capture more search results by using visual content as opposed to text. It also opens up another opportunity of brand or website exposure by allowing others to use your photographs/visual content in return for linking back to your site or blog.

4. Visual content removes the language barrier. Most image-based content is telling a story through imagery as opposed to words. This means that a wide array of audiences can understand the picture, which directly results in a much bigger reach to a much larger audience. The picture serves its purpose by bringing its meaning and intention across using visual communication instead of confining itself to communication via text or language.

There is however a grey area here. The grey area being that what might be humorous or acceptable in one race, culture or country, may not be entertaining or tolerable in another. Unlike when you play online bingo for real money not every image will appeal to everyone. But when choosing between a picture or text to expand your audience, an image will generally do a better job.

Visual content will never die, it gifts too much to the world in so many different ways. The rise of imagery on the internet and social media is the way of the future, a picture really does speak a thousand words.

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