What Attracts Indian Women To Online Betting?

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1 What Attracts Indian Women To Online Betting?

The technological revolution has opened up a number of new avenues for making money and entertainment globally. Earlier people had to go to certain specific places to experience adventure, do fun activities, and win easy and quick money.

With the help of the digital era, we have a great variety of gaming and betting options to play, gamble, and bet within the comforts of our homes. The only prerequisite is a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile along with a fast Internet connection.

In India, all the requirements are easily met due to rising living standards and education. Most importantly, the money involved is a major gain of online betting. Men have always been interested in sports betting, but today, Indian women too are exploring sports betting for fun, excitement, and money.

What attracts Indian women to online sports betting is an interesting element to discuss in detail.

The following are the possible reasons why women are increasingly entering the betting arena.

1. Entertainment

For many years, women were more traditional when it came to gender roles. They were confined primarily to household chores and were treated as housebound. Equality between men and women was not achieved. Their entertainment factors were different.

As the years go by, people get educated, society continues to evolve, and living standards improve, and as a result, gender equality is improved.

After the internet and mobile revolution, everyone has their own mobile phone and internet connections, irrespective of gender and age.

Indian women are now financially independent. They can choose where to stake money and how to entertain themselves. Modern Indian women always craved the fun and entertainment that men do.

Sports and sports betting were always male-dominated areas, and sports betting was strictly the domain of males. Women’s attraction to online sports betting developed due to their hidden desire to experience the adrenaline rush and extreme excitement in sports and related betting games.

2. Adventure

Humans love to do activities that are full of adventure, pleasure, fun, and excitement. These types of activities fill us with excitement and make us energetic and happy to do other tasks.

People are drawn to sports because it provides them with an opportunity to be adventurous and exhilarating. Online sports betting provides much more excitement than sports.

Women too yearn for interesting and exciting sports betting games to have fun and enjoy. Most Indian women feel less interested in their usual fun activities and wish to explore adventurous novel prospects within the comforts of their homes and their easy reach.

3. Source of money

Besides adventure, fun, and entertainment, money is an important factor for Indian women to get into online sports betting. Women always search for some extra source of money for their expenses.

Owing to COVID 19, jobs got affected and people are forced to stay and work from home. They experience salary cuts and job losses. Since women are at home, their commute time to offices is reduced and they get ample time to search for alternative ways to make easy and quick money.

Online sports betting was the answer to their hunt. Moreover, women are avid shoppers and love to spend money on fun activities but they end up losing money in this process. However, online sports betting offers them various options to choose from, and betting a small amount of money can give a huge sum in return.
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4. Anonymity

Indian men have been active in sports for ages. The advent of online sports betting has made them more passionate.

The hidden love for sports among Indian women finds its expression in online sports betting. Many women do not have this opportunity due to social-cultural barriers in Indian Society.

The anonymity of online betting platforms and their safety are responsible for the fact that their popularity has increased immensely.

Household and family responsibilities often restrict women to venture out more often. The result is that Indian women find it more comfortable betting in the safety of their homes than going to a casino. They can easily hide their true identity and have fun and win money.

6. Safety

The women of India are sincere and honest citizens, and they avoid indulging in illegal activities. There is no law that governs online betting. Indian law states that betting is illegal but there are no laws regarding offshore betting sites. Therefore, they are not illegal.

Women utilize these offshore betting platforms to bet on their favorite sport and win money. The internet is full of spam, hacking, and privacy concerns that make Indian women skeptical about staking their money.

But most legal betting sites use digital encryption technology to protect the personal and financial information of the users. This encourages Indian women to venture into online sports betting games.


Indian women are able to earn money while having fun and adventure by participating in online sports betting.

The digital revolution in India, internet connection, and mobile phones have made Indian women attracted to online wagering as a source of entertainment and winning quick money.

Also, online gambling is safe because there are no specific laws in India against online sports betting through foreign sites. This along with the safety features of legal betting sites makes it an attractive fun and money-making opportunity for Indian women.

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