Great Dads (18 pics)

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“My dad, a car guy, has put reminders like this on every car I’ve had.”

1 Great Dads (18 pics)

“My fiancée doesn’t have a relationship with his father, but recently found this note from mine on his car.”

“Annual photo follow-up: 2017, 2019, 2021, and 2022”

2 Great Dads (18 pics)

“My father found my baby blanket and gave it to me for Christmas.”

3 Great Dads (18 pics)

“My father just found the teddy bear that I lost 17 years ago in the garden. I feel my heart crack.”

4 Great Dads (18 pics)

“My dad has early-onset Alzheimer’s. He said, ’I know I’m going to forget a lot, but I’m going to remember this dog for a long time.’”

5 Great Dads (18 pics)

“A picture of my dad and his girlfriend helping me figure out groceries for myself as I’m living paycheck to paycheck”


6 Great Dads (18 pics)

“An 80-year-old papa down on the floor, playing with his great-granddaughter”

7 Great Dads (18 pics)

“I am a single father and a mechanic, but every time I get my girls, they paint my fingernails.”

8 Great Dads (18 pics)

“I spent the last couple of weeks feeling pretty down about myself. My dad took me out for a photo shoot to hype me up. That smile is real.”

9 Great Dads (18 pics)

“The last thing my dad was able to write”

10 Great Dads (18 pics)

“My favorite picture of my dad and me”


11 Great Dads (18 pics)

“My dad rescues abandoned kittens.”

12 Great Dads (18 pics)

“Happy Father’s Day to the man who raised 2 strong daughters!”

13 Great Dads (18 pics)

“My dad and my daughter, probably one of my favorite pictures ever.”

14 Great Dads (18 pics)

“I sent my dad a picture of me kissing my cat, and he made it his wallpaper.”

15 Great Dads (18 pics)

“I donated a kidney to my 5-year-old son yesterday!”


16 Great Dads (18 pics)

“Safe to say the little miss enjoyed her first walk in the backpack carrier!”

17 Great Dads (18 pics)

“This was a few years ago, but it still gives me life every day.”

18 Great Dads (18 pics)


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