Effective Savings (19 pics)

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"I Am Too Cheap To Buy Cuff Links And I Work In A Machine Shop"

1 Effective Savings (19 pics)

"Hi-Vis Jackets For Dogs Are Between $40 And $80 Nzd - I Brought A Second Hand Child’s Hi-Vis Jacket For $1 And It Fits Perfectly! Frugal Win!"

2 Effective Savings (19 pics)

"Wanted New Fabric, Wouldn't Get New Fabric Until I Used My Old Stuff. Wanted A Rug, Didn't Want To Pay For A Rug. Two Birds, One Stone! Work In Progress. Made From New Batting (Less Than $20) And Scrap Fabric (Some 20+ Years Old). Not The Prettiest Thing I've Made, But I Like It"

3 Effective Savings (19 pics)

"I Refuse To Pay The Silly Prices For A Stuffed Toy, My Son Wanted A Few Characters To Match The (British) Children’s TV Shows. So I Made Them From Felt Instead"

4 Effective Savings (19 pics)

"Rosemary Went Crazy In The Garden - So I’m Using Sprigs To Freshen The Bathroom - The Steam From The Shower Accentuates The Smell Keeping The Bathroom Smelling Fresh"

5 Effective Savings (19 pics)

"Crochet Swiffer Mops. Wet Refills Add Up With 2 Dogs. No More! Made 2 For $3/Ea And They Work Way Better Than The Refills"

6 Effective Savings (19 pics)

"I Drive Through A Nice Neighborhood On My Way To The Grocery Store. Found This Dyson Dc40 With A Free Sign With Other Household Items In The Yard. Brought It Home And The Suction Was Horrible. Watched A Single Youtube Video To Remove The Clogs - Needs A Good Clean But It Works Perfectly"

7 Effective Savings (19 pics)

8 Effective Savings (19 pics)

"Vet Didn't Give Us Cones When They Got Neutered/Spayed So We Improvised! (We Made Sure They Could Breath And Eat Just Fine)"

9 Effective Savings (19 pics)

"Don't Forget About The Abandoned Paint Can Section Of Lowe's Home Depot. Scored A Gallon Of This Color For Only $9!! You Can't Even Get A Sample For That Price. (Sorry, No Before Picture. We Were Too Excited To Wait)"

10 Effective Savings (19 pics)

"When Your Bar Soap Gets Wafer Thin, You Can Still Use It Up All The Way Be Pressing It Onto The Next Bar When It's Sudsy And Let It Dry"

11 Effective Savings (19 pics)

"Since We're Doing Greenhouses, I Built This At The Beginning Of Lockdown With Reclaimed Pvc, Wood, And Polyethylene Film For Greenhouses. It Held Up To 2' Of Snow On Top Over Last Winter As Well As A Handful Of Strong Wind Storms. No Plans, Just Boredom!"

12 Effective Savings (19 pics)

"Finally, A Pinterest Project That Worked Well And For Not Too Much $$"

13 Effective Savings (19 pics)

"Garden Cart I Made For My Wife. Nearly All Reused, Upcycled Or Free Materials"

14 Effective Savings (19 pics)

"My Fiancé Wanted To Flatten Her Pockets With An Iron But Realized We Didn’t Have One. Showed Her You Can Get By Using A Pot Of Boiling Water And A Spray Bottle. I Guess Growing Up Poor Can Come In Handy"

15 Effective Savings (19 pics)

"I Run A Small Coffee Cart; Just Discovered You Can Use Old Cartons As Coffee Trays!"

16 Effective Savings (19 pics)

"I Restored My Own Headlights Today And Am Pretty Proud Of The Result. Saved Over $100 Compared To Taking It To A Shop"

17 Effective Savings (19 pics)

"Downstairs Mini Fridge Stopped Working. Wife Said To Just Toss It And Get A New One. Watched A Couple Videos On How To Diagnose/Fix Refrigerator Issues. A $9 Replacement Overload Relay Later And It Works Again"

18 Effective Savings (19 pics)

"I Refuse To My Buy My Baby Girl A "Feminine" Blanket When I Have A Perfectly Good One Leftover From My Son"

19 Effective Savings (19 pics)

"Fall Tip - Lots Of People With Apple Trees Don't Harvest; Never Hurts To Ask!"

20 Effective Savings (19 pics)

"Instead Of Buying A Home In Toronto We Helped Renovate My 91 Year Old Grandmothers Basement Into A Fully Self Contained 2 Bedroom Apartment. We’re Still In The City But Only Paying $700/ Month. Here’s The Master With Hand Me Down Solid Wood Furniture"

21 Effective Savings (19 pics)

"Instead Of Buying New Skates I Got These Thrifting For 15$. Soaked Them In The Sink With Gentle Laundry Cleaner And Then Got A Permanent Fabric Marker From An Art Store. I Still Need To Get Laces For It Though"

22 Effective Savings (19 pics)

"My Sister-In-Law's Christmas Tree"

23 Effective Savings (19 pics)

24 Effective Savings (19 pics)

"This Cardboard Box Is Now His Favourite Spot (Super Old Towel Included)"

25 Effective Savings (19 pics)


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