Good News (22 pics)

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1 Good News (22 pics)

2 Good News (22 pics)

"Fisherman Jean and his brother spent Christmas Eve in Itabuna Bahía, using the only thing he had left–his raft— to save 121 families. The hero who lost his own home to the flooding, worked nonstop for 37 hours moving around in 10 feet deep water to help as many people as possible. Funds have been raised to buy Jean a new home. Jean is the good news."

3 Good News (22 pics)

4 Good News (22 pics)

"(Muskogee, Oklahama): 6th grader Davyon Johnson used an abdominal thrust on a classmate who was choking on a bottle cap last Thursday. Later that day, he rescued a woman who has a disability, from a burning house. His mother says she's not surprised and that her son wants to be an EMT just like his brother when he is older. Representatives of Muskogee Police Department, Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office and Muskogee Public Schools honored Johnson Tuesday as an honorary member of the police and sheriff’s departments.

'I felt good, excited,' Davyon said about the honor.

Principal Latricia Dawkins called Davyon a 'dual hero.'"

5 Good News (22 pics)

6 Good News (22 pics)

7 Good News (22 pics)

"In 2012 Margaret approached the Embankment Tube Station staff distraught at the fact that they'd changed the announcement voice. When the staff learned the story of her visiting just to listen to her late husband Oswald Laurence's voice— they made the decision to keep it."

8 Good News (22 pics)

"Over 6,000 books are available to the public in a library in Ankara from discarded books that otherwise wiuld have gone to landfill. In 2018, It was initially intended to be a library for sanitation workers and their families but became open to the public after seeing how much interest there was in it. The novel idea inspired the community to donate books to the ever-growing collection. In Bogotá, Colombia a sanitation worker had the same idea and has built a home library open to the public and created a foundation to encourage literacy in impoverished areas."

9 Good News (22 pics)

10 Good News (22 pics)

11 Good News (22 pics)

12 Good News (22 pics)

13 Good News (22 pics)

14 Good News (22 pics)

15 Good News (22 pics)

16 Good News (22 pics)

"(Boise, Idaho) 2nd grade Dillon Helbig waited for the right moment to slide his 81-page "Crismis" book onto the shelf at the Ada County Library near Boise, Idaho over the holidays. When he told his mom, she was worried the Library might throw it out. They hadn't. Instead it's turned into one of the top requested books with dozens waiting to read it. The name of the book is The Adventures of Dillon Helbig's Crismis by 'Dillon His Self.'"

17 Good News (22 pics)

"In the documentary, White explained 'all through the South there was this whole ruckus, they were going to take the show off the air if we didn’t get rid of Arthur because he was Black.' White never budged however: 'Evidently through the South at that point it was a very heavy [thing], and I said, ‘I’m sorry, but he stays […] Live with it!’' White said. They would go on to be life-long friends."

18 Good News (22 pics)

"(North Carolina): At 26, Jason Brown signed a $37.5 million contract--one of the largest at the time for any NFL lineman but he says he wasn't fulfilled. In 2014, he said he felt a God-sent calling to help those struggling with food insecurity: 'God told me he was going to supply my every need.' Jason bought a farm, called it 'First Fruits Farm' and he and his family dedicated themselves to learn how to grow crops, donating produce to pantries for the last 8 years. He said he was inspired his brother who served in the military and died in Iraq. Thank you Jason for the difference you've made and continue to make."

19 Good News (22 pics)

"Bethel Park High School (PA) coach sent a message to his team: 'Due to the expected severe weather, Monday's weightlifting workout has been cancelled. Find an elderly or disabled neighbor and shovel their driveway. Don't accept any money - that's our Monday workout.'

Delallo said the shoveling workout started with the previous coach, more than a decade earlier, but he thinks he may have been the first to tweet it. Thanks to social media, athletes from competing teams saw the tweet and also went out to shovel."

20 Good News (22 pics)

21 Good News (22 pics)

22 Good News (22 pics)


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