Historical Pictures (30 pics)

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"Bernie Sanders Arrested For Protesting Against Segregation. He Was Charged With Resisting Arrest And Fined A Total Of $25 | Chicago, 1963"

1 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"A Victorian Couple Try Not To Laugh While Getting Their Portraits Done // 1890"

2 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"When David Bowie Was Asked About His Greatest Achievement In Life He Stated, 'Marrying My Wife'"

3 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"Writer Simon Witter prompted further, ‘But as a musician?’

David had replied simply, ‘Nothing else matters’."

"Three Jewish Men Who Arrived At Auschwitz On The Same Day, Reunite 73 Years Later"

4 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"With tattoos 10 numbers apart, they survived and went on to build families, successful businesses and live prosperous lives"

"Nasa’s Lead Software Engineer For The Apollo Program Margaret Hamilton, Stands Beside Her Hand Written Code That Sky-Rocketed Humanity To The Moon | 1969"

5 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"A Punk And A Kid | Brussels, Belgium, 2009."


6 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"The encounter took place at a Pride event in Brussels, where a curious kid asked if he could touch the punk’s jacket to see if the spikes were as sharp as they looked. The punker knelt down, amused by the kid’s reaction, and they engaged in conversation before returning to the parade."

"Dolly Parton And Her Husband Carl Dean In The 60s. They Have Now Been Married For Over 55 Years"

7 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"Anne Frank Photographed With Her Sister Margot At The Beach | Zandvoort, 1940"

8 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"Freddie Mercury And Mary Austin"

9 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"Concentration Camps Liberated By Allied Forces"

10 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"A Little Boy Hugging His Best Friend During Lunchtime"


11 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"Not long after this photo was taken children of Japanese ancestry (including the pictures boy) were imprisoned with their parents spending the rest of the WWII in internment camps | Raphael Weill public school. San Fransisco, 1942"

"Frida Kahlo Takes A Family Portrait Wearing Her Iconic Three Piece Suit, Accessorised With A Cane // Mexico, 1924"

12 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"Nurses Show Newly Born Triplets To Their Very Surprised Father In A Hospital | New York, 1946. Photograph By Keystone-France"

13 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"An Extremely Sad And Distressing Photograph Of Amy Winehouse At Her Last Concert Ever In Belgrade | Serbia, 2011"

14 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"A Boy Dressed In A Kkk Robe And Hood, Curiously Touches The Shield Of A State Trooper During A Kkk Rally | Gainesville, Georgia, 1992'"

15 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"Cats Stand Up On Their Hind Legs To Catch Quirts Of Milk During Milking At Arch Badertscher’s Dairy Farm | 1954."


16 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"A Couple 48 Hours After They Met At Woodstock, And 50 Years, Two Sons And Five Grandchildren Later"

17 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"Steve Irwin With His Daughter Bindi And A New Found Friend. Photograph By Hugh Stewart"

18 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"‘Wait For Me, Daddy’ A Photo By Claude P. Dettloff Depicts Private Jack Bernard, B.c. Regiment Saying A Final Goodbye To His Son Warren | New Westminster, 1940'"

19 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"Audrey Hepburn And Grace Kelly Photographed Backstage At The 28th Academy Awards | Hollywood, 1956."

20 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"Couples At The Local Diner | Pittsburgh, 1959."


21 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"A 95 Year-Old Grandmother Is The Oldest Person In Italy To Recover From The Coronavirus"

22 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"An Enthusiastic Teacher Stands On His Desk To Explain The Physics Of Surfing California, 1970"

23 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"The Rms Queen Elizabeth Pulling Into New York With Service Men Crowding The Decks, As They Return Home After The End Of Wwii // 1945"

24 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"Three Sisters, Three Photos, Taken Years Apart."

25 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"Davy Jones, Who Would Later Go By The Name David Bowie, Outside The Bbc Television Centre After His Band Performed // 7 March, 1965"


26 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"Freddie And His Love For Cats"

27 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"Paul Mccartney With His Daughter Mary In | Scotland, 1970"

28 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"Angelina Jolie With Her Father Jon Voight At The 58th Annual Academy Awards, 1986"

29 Historical Pictures (30 pics)

"Marathon Officials Try To Stop Katherine Switzer From Competing In The All-Male Boston Marathon"

30 Historical Pictures (30 pics)


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#10 those "liberation" smiles were mostly staged as a part of the then propaganda against the past regime and Soviets, but obviously many must've been genuine as well, there are several documentaries and so on, on the this topic

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