How College Students Can De-Stress Before Exams

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1 How College Students Can De-Stress Before Exams

If you are a student with an exam coming up, then you may be feeling more stressed than ever before. Studying is difficult, and before you know it your exams are looming, and you are not feeling adequately prepared. However, the worst thing you can do before an exam is to let the stress get the better of you. Instead, you need to take every opportunity possible to relax and de-stress, so that you can focus your energy on doing well in your exams. Here are some of our top tips on how college students can de-stress before exams and get the score they deserve.

Take a Short Walk

After a full day of revising, the last thing you can feel like doing is heading out for a walk. In fact, it may instead be pretty tempting to jump on the couch and binge watch your favourite show. But it is important that you take a break when you can, as going for a walk has benefits for your overall stress levels. Of course, it is completely normal to feel stressed, but you must do what you can to combat it. Going for a walk is a great opportunity to take some time away from screens and books while you clear your head.

Enjoy a Game Online

Downtime is an essential part of revising, and even though you want to retain as much information as possible, if you want to keep your stress levels down before your exams then you need to enjoy something fun too! By simply playing online games after a full day of revising, you can take your mind off the information you’ve been studying all day and focus your mind elsewhere. But be sure to check out what casino bonus options are available to you before you start playing online so that you can get the best deal. If you are looking for the latest legitimate casinos for Australians with the best bonuses, take a look at this list of new online casinos.

Get Some Sunlight

While you may be spending most of your days inside the house or library revising, you should be sure to spend some time outside every day. Even though you want to revise as much as possible, remember that your brain can only take so much in at a time, so be sure to take breaks outside where you can enjoy some sun rays.
Exposure to sunlight can increase your serotonin levels and even just 5 to 15 minutes a day in the sun can help maintain your serotonin at a healthy level and improve your ability to concentrate. But don’t forget to protect your skin and apply SPF!

Get Enough Sleep

As your exams get nearer you may start to panic about how much work you have to do and how little time you have to revise. But it is crucial that you don’t start to sacrifice your sleep. Not only will this make it more difficult for you to retain and learn information, but it will leave you feeling more stressed than before. Remember, a good night’s sleep will make you feel a whole lot better!

Navigating through the exam period can be a challenge, but by following our tips and advice you can get the grades you are looking for without high stress levels getting in the way.

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