Economical People (50 pics)

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1 Economical People (50 pics)

"I Run A Small Coffee Cart; Just Discovered You Can Use Old Cartons As Coffee Trays!"

2 Economical People (50 pics)

"Hi-Vis Jackets For Dogs Are Between $40 And $80 Nzd - I Brought A Second Hand Child’s Hi-Vis Jacket For $1 And It Fits Perfectly! Frugal Win!"

3 Economical People (50 pics)

"Wanted New Fabric, Wouldn't Get New Fabric Until I Used My Old Stuff. Wanted A Rug, Didn't Want To Pay For A Rug. Two Birds, One Stone! Work In Progress. Made From New Batting (Less Than $20) And Scrap Fabric (Some 20+ Years Old). Not The Prettiest Thing I've Made, But I Like It"

4 Economical People (50 pics)

"I Refuse To Pay The Silly Prices For A Stuffed Toy, My Son Wanted A Few Characters To Match The (British) Children’s TV Shows. So I Made Them From Felt Instead"

5 Economical People (50 pics)

"Rosemary Went Crazy In The Garden - So I’m Using Sprigs To Freshen The Bathroom - The Steam From The Shower Accentuates The Smell Keeping The Bathroom Smelling Fresh"


6 Economical People (50 pics)

"Crochet Swiffer Mops. Wet Refills Add Up With 2 Dogs. No More! Made 2 For $3/Ea And They Work Way Better Than The Refills"

7 Economical People (50 pics)

"I Drive Through A Nice Neighborhood On My Way To The Grocery Store. Found This Dyson Dc40 With A Free Sign With Other Household Items In The Yard. Brought It Home And The Suction Was Horrible. Watched A Single Youtube Video To Remove The Clogs - Needs A Good Clean But It Works Perfectly"

8 Economical People (50 pics)

"I Am Too Cheap To Buy Cuff Links And I Work In A Machine Shop"

9 Economical People (50 pics)

10 Economical People (50 pics)

"Vet Didn't Give Us Cones When They Got Neutered/Spayed So We Improvised! (We Made Sure They Could Breath And Eat Just Fine)"


11 Economical People (50 pics)

"Don't Forget About The Abandoned Paint Can Section Of Lowe's & Home Depot. Scored A Gallon Of This Color For Only $9!! You Can't Even Get A Sample For That Price. (Sorry, No Before Picture. We Were Too Excited To Wait)"

12 Economical People (50 pics)

"When Your Bar Soap Gets Wafer Thin, You Can Still Use It Up All The Way Be Pressing It Onto The Next Bar When It's Sudsy And Let It Dry"

13 Economical People (50 pics)

"Since We're Doing Greenhouses, I Built This At The Beginning Of Lockdown With Reclaimed Pvc, Wood, And Polyethylene Film For Greenhouses. It Held Up To 2' Of Snow On Top Over Last Winter As Well As A Handful Of Strong Wind Storms. No Plans, Just Boredom!"

14 Economical People (50 pics)

"Finally, A Pinterest Project That Worked Well And For Not Too Much $$"

15 Economical People (50 pics)

"Garden Cart I Made For My Wife. Nearly All Reused, Upcycled Or Free Materials"


16 Economical People (50 pics)

"My Fiancé Wanted To Flatten Her Pockets With An Iron But Realized We Didn’t Have One. Showed Her You Can Get By Using A Pot Of Boiling Water And A Spray Bottle. I Guess Growing Up Poor Can Come In Handy"

17 Economical People (50 pics)

"I Restored My Own Headlights Today And Am Pretty Proud Of The Result. Saved Over $100 Compared To Taking It To A Shop"

18 Economical People (50 pics)

"Downstairs Mini Fridge Stopped Working. Wife Said To Just Toss It And Get A New One. Watched A Couple Videos On How To Diagnose/Fix Refrigerator Issues. A $9 Replacement Overload Relay Later And It Works Again"

19 Economical People (50 pics)

"I Refuse To My Buy My Baby Girl A "Feminine" Blanket When I Have A Perfectly Good One Leftover From My Son"

20 Economical People (50 pics)

"Fall Tip - Lots Of People With Apple Trees Don't Harvest; Never Hurts To Ask!"


21 Economical People (50 pics)

"Instead Of Buying A Home In Toronto We Helped Renovate My 91 Year Old Grandmothers Basement Into A Fully Self Contained 2 Bedroom Apartment. We’re Still In The City But Only Paying $700/ Month. Here’s The Master With Hand Me Down Solid Wood Furniture"

22 Economical People (50 pics)

"Instead Of Buying New Skates I Got These Thrifting For 15$. Soaked Them In The Sink With Gentle Laundry Cleaner And Then Got A Permanent Fabric Marker From An Art Store. I Still Need To Get Laces For It Though"

23 Economical People (50 pics)

"My Sister-In-Law's Christmas Tree"

24 Economical People (50 pics)

25 Economical People (50 pics)

"This Cardboard Box Is Now His Favourite Spot (Super Old Towel Included)"


26 Economical People (50 pics)

"Prepping The Garden For Winter. We Pile Mulched Leaves, Add Mesh Or Whatever So The Leaves Don't Blow Off. Then Before The Snow Comes, We Cover With A Black Tarp. The Beds Warm Up Faster In The Spring And The Leaves Compost Down To Make Amazing Rich Soil For Planting"

27 Economical People (50 pics)

"My Tried-And-True, Almost Foolproof Method For Growing Endless Green Onions"

28 Economical People (50 pics)

"Didn't Had Bread But Didn't Want To Run To The Store Only For That (We Know It's Never Only For Just One Thing). I Had To Use The Oven Anyway, So... Here Is The Best Looking Bread I've Made In My Life"

29 Economical People (50 pics)

"Zero Cost Urban Garden Project In Northern Canada. Harvesting Daily And Planting Quick Producing Cold Weather Crops Like Radishes, Spinach, Lettuce And Chard"

30 Economical People (50 pics)

"Made A DIY Cardboard House For My Bunnies. I Had My Eye On A $70 One On Etsy But This Works Just The Same. Besides Bunnies Don’t Care About Aesthetics"


31 Economical People (50 pics)

"Repurposing A Damaged Frying Pan, With A Bit Of Paint It's Now A Cool Decorative Bowl"

32 Economical People (50 pics)

"Found $128 Free People Sweater With Dark Stain For $15! I Covered It Up With Dip Dye, New Favorite Sweater!"

33 Economical People (50 pics)

"If You Live In An Apartment Complex Just Check The Dumpster Once In A While. Found A Working V6 Dyson And Just Had To Clear The Roller To Fix. People Throw Away Just About Anything"

34 Economical People (50 pics)

"Built My Own Sidewalk With Glacial Sand Dug Up From The Side Yard And Leftover Base Rocks Used During Home Construction"

35 Economical People (50 pics)

"I Finally Understand Why People Buy Large Cuts Of Meat When It Goes On Sale. Quit Job For School, Trying To Be More Frugal, And We Got 2 Large Top Roasts For Buy-One-Get-One-Free And Processed It/Cut It Up At Home Ourselves. Now We Have Meals For Days"


36 Economical People (50 pics)

"My Favorite Wool Socks Still Had Perfect Tops But Thinned Out On The Bottom, So I Patched Them Up"

37 Economical People (50 pics)

"Someone Left This Fully Functioning 32” Lg TV Out By The Dumpster. Luckily I Snagged It Before The Rain Moved In"

38 Economical People (50 pics)

"Does Anyone Else Love Making Frankenstein Meals? Cleaning Out The Fridge And Pantry And Using Up All The Odds And Ends Forces Me To Be Creative And Usually Results In Something Delicious And Unique"

39 Economical People (50 pics)

"Fix For Broken Lid - Drilled A Hole In A Golf Ball And Screwed It On To My Crock Pot. No Need To Dig Up A New Lid. Golf Ball Cost: $0. Screw & Washer: Found In My Tool Box, So $0. Took Me About 10 Mins. New Pot Lid: $30 Or So, Or Replace Entire Crockpot, So Yay!"

40 Economical People (50 pics)

"Cut My Full-Size Sponge Into 3rds For Doing Dishes"


41 Economical People (50 pics)

"Sneakers Repaired, Thank You Mom!"

42 Economical People (50 pics)

"If Anyone Lives In Central Indiana, Brownsburg Goodwill Has A Bunch Of New Wedding Dresses For $19. Rumor Is A Wedding Dress Store Closed And Donated Remaining Stock"

43 Economical People (50 pics)

"Yarn And Push Pins"

44 Economical People (50 pics)

"Well... I Had This "Disposable" Pepper Mill For About 14 Years And It Finally Bit The Dust. Just Refilled It Over The Years With Bulk Peppercorns. So Long Friend!"

45 Economical People (50 pics)

"I Reuse Ziploc Bags Because They Are Expensive Af"


46 Economical People (50 pics)

"Family Friends Went “Gleaning” At A Local Farm. $40 For A Totally Frugal 3hour Family Outing And All The Food!"

47 Economical People (50 pics)

"Decided To Refurbish My Old Headphones Instead Of Upgrading. $8 For A Pair Of Generic Pads And They Feel Like New!"

48 Economical People (50 pics)

"Boyfriend And I Were Looking To Buy An Elliptical Which Can Be Hundreds To Almost 1,000 Dollars. Decided To Check Craigslist And Found This For Free! Works Great And Saved Us So Much Money"

49 Economical People (50 pics)

"Reusing Jars For Individual Cold Brew Teas And Loving It!"

50 Economical People (50 pics)


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