Online Gaming in Australia

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1 Online Gaming in Australia

Online gaming in Australia is one of the citizens’ favourite pastimes. Australians now play games at home more than any other activity. Video gaming in particular is top on the list of everyone’s hobbies.

At least 17 million Australians play video games. The average gamer spends almost 90 minutes of their day playing either Nintendo or a PlayStation. This accounts for 92% of households, according to new research.

Most video game players are above the age of 35. Unlike previous years, about 46% of women are now gamers in Australia. They consider gaming online a fun social activity, thus the increase. In 2005, only 38% of women were gamers.

Gaming is the New Way to Make Friends

With many people stuck at home, online gaming has become the best way to meet new people. Online games, such as Red Dead Redemption 2 tops the list of the most searched-for game in Australia.

Most players confess to playing online with people they have never met. The anonymity makes the experience better and more intriguing.

These games also create a sense of community, through multiplayer online games. Hundreds of players play games like World of Warcraft simultaneously on the same server. According to PlayStation Australia, over 4.5 million Aussies use online gaming to stay connected to people they haven’t seen in a while.

Besides online gaming, gambling is also a favorite among Aussies.

Online Gambling in Australia

Despite the popularity of online casinos in other countries, online casinos are illegal here. Offshore operators, with approval, provide regulated services to Aussies. There are common casino games on offer as follows:

Slot Machines (Pokies)
Slot machines, locally known as pokies are very common in Australia. Most players here prefer slots to most other games available online. Online slot machines are legal for local players to access. We have endless slot title options since casinos offer more than 250 variations of slots.

Websites such as offer options for real money play and free online pokies for all players. These free pokies are excellent for rookie players who want to test the games out before they invest real money. We can play the most popular slot titles such as Mega Joker and Starburst.

These games are from top game providers and have high return to player ratios of up to 99%. New slots sites are also entering the market. These gambling venues offer generous bonuses to both new and existing players. They also cater well for mobile gamers, with downloadable app options for players across all platforms like Android and iOS.

Poker also tops the list of popular Australian online games. A game like Texas Hold’em is very popular since offshore casinos offer the game for players to play for real money. Operating an interactive poker website is illegal in Australia. We can only play poker at licensed offshore sites.

These offshore websites offer a great variety of poker variations and full range banking options for deposits and withdrawals alike.

Bingo (Housie)
Housie, popularly known as bingo in other parts of the world, is legal in Australia. There are many big bingo halls across the country. That does not take away from the fact that computer-simulated bongo is also available in most casinos.

Such a game is fun to play and offers the opportunity to use bonuses and promotions to enhance their gaming experiences and win big on online gaming sites.

Sports Betting
Sports betting has recently joined other popular online games in Australia. Although there are many retail outlets that offer betting opportunities to players, we can place real money bets online too. In addition, there are many Australian-owned bookies certified and acknowledged by the relevant authorities.

We can try our luck by guessing the results of certain sports games, and racing events.  

The Future of Online Gaming in Australia

Deeper internet penetration has revolutionized online gaming. Thanks to technology, the country is a host of numerous tournaments that are digital platform-based. The Australian gaming market promises intense growth extending to 2027.

Potential industrialists and future investors in the gaming market eye Australia as a potential gaming hub. Australian players can access games via console, tablet, smartphones, and PC. The convenience will positively influence growth of the gaming sector because more Aussies are playing now than ever before. It is expected to get even better.

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