Historical Photos (40 pics)

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"Filming An Episode Of “The French Chef” With Julia Child, 1963"

1 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"Cop Stops The Traffic In New York So A Mother Cat Holding A Kitten Can Cross Safely C.1925"

2 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"Remember That Photo Of The Construction Workers Having Lunch On The Unfinished Empire State Building? Well Here's The Photographer Charles Ebbets Taking That Photo. 9/20/1932"

3 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"Stoney First Nation Member, Guide Samson Beaver With His Wife Leah And Their Daughter Frances Louise, 1907. Photo Taken By Mary Schäffer"

4 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"Mogadishu, 1993. An Italian Soldier Gives Food To A Local Orphan"

5 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"A Man Browses For Books In The Old Public Library Of Cincinnati. The Building Was Demolished In 1955. Today An Office Building And A Parking Lot Stand Where It Used To Be"


6 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"1972: 3 Women On The Streets Of Kabul, Afghanistan"

7 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"A Man Looking For A Job Wearing His Cv, England - 1930s"

8 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"It’s No Longer Possible To See This, As Buildings Outside Block The Sun. Grand Central, NYC, 1929 Photo By Louis Faurer"

9 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"Freddie Mercury With His Mother, 1947"

10 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"A French Boy Introduces Himself To Indian Soldiers Who Had Just Arrived In France To Fight Alongside French And British Forces, Marseilles, 30th September 1914. [colorization]"


11 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"West German School Children Pause To Talk With Two East German Border Guards Beside An Opening In The Berlin Wall During The Collapse Of Communism In East Germany In November 1989 (Photo: Stephen Jaffe)"

12 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"Reporters Who Exposed The Watergate Scandal Watch President Nixon Resign, 1974"

13 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"A Black U.S. Soldier Reads A Message Left By The Việt Cộng During The Vietnam War, The Message Reads: "U.S. Negro Armymen, You Are Committing The Same Ignominious Crimes In South Vietnam That The Kkk Clique Is Perpetrating Against Your Family At Home.", 1970."

14 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"High School Teacher John T. Scopes Is Brought To Trial In Dayton, Tennessee For Teaching The Theory Of Evolution, Which Was Prohibited Under State Law. July 10, 1925"

15 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"French Soldiers Passing By A Dog Wearing Googles And Smoking A Pipe, 1915"


16 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"David Attenborough Entertains Prince Charles And Princess Anne With A Cockatoo. 1958"

17 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"A Man Takes A Selfie Using A Stick Of Wood To Activate The Camera, 1957"

18 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"Martin Luther King Jr. Removing A Burnt Cross From His Front Yard In 1960"

19 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"Chinese Guerrilla Fighter Cheng Benhua 成本華 Smiling Moment Before Execution By The Japanese, She Was 24. (Late 1938) [502 X 806]"

20 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"An Old Woman Leaving Her Home With Just A Portrait Of Her Husband And Rugs. Russian Soldiers Gave Her Just 5 Minutes To Pack Her Bags And Leave Before They Destroyed Her Home And Everything In It. Her Sons And Husband Were Already Dead. She Had Lost Everything. May 1995, Grozny"


21 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"Max Schreck Relaxing Behind The Scenes Of Nosferatu, 1922"

22 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"A Young Female Welder Photographed By Bernard Hoffman In Connecticut, Circa 1943."

23 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"Woman Cutting Her Birthday Cake In Iran 1973, 5 Years Before The Islamic Revolution"

24 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"The Queen Consort Of Mongolia, Genepil, In Mongolia. The Last Queen Consort And Married To The Bogd Khaganate, Bogd Khan, Until His Death On April 17th, 1924, When The Monarchy Was Abolished. She Was Killed During The Stalinist Purges In May 1938. Photograph Dated January 1st, 1923"

25 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"Mt St Helens The 17th Of May 1980 And 4 Months Later"


26 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"Chief Low Dog - An Oglala Lakota Chief Who Fought With Sitting Bull At The Battle Of Little Bighorn, C. 1881"

27 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"A Picture Of A Submerged Diver In 1899. Many Believe It To Be The First Photograph Taken Underwater"

28 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"John F. Kennedy Campaigning Door-To-Door In West Virginia (1960)"

29 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"Korean Mother Embraces Her Son, A Prisoner Of War Who Escaped His North Korean Pow Camp Shortly After The Signing Of The Korean Armistice Agreement, Which Ended The Widespread Fighting Of The Korean War, 1953."

30 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"Indigenous Children Forced To Pray To God In A Residential School Ran By The Canadian Government And Catholic Church Between 1930 And 1970, Unknown Location"


31 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"David Bowie After Being Arrested For Marijuana Possession In Rochester, 1976"

32 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"Photograph Of The First Official Defector Of The "German Democratic Republic", Conrad Schumann, Who Escaped To The Western Side On August 15, 1961 After Jumping The Unfinished Area Of ​​the Fence That He Guarded."

33 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"Rare Photo Showing Niagara Falls Without Water, 1969"

34 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"Eiffel Tower Under Construction, July 1888 [colorized]"

35 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"Kubrick Taking A Photo With Daughter Vivian, On The Set Of The Shining. Nicholson Thought He Himself Was The Photo’s Subject. 1980"


36 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"Actor And Martial Arts Star Jackie Chan At The Benefit Concert In Hong Kong, In Support Of Tiananmen Square Protesters - 1989"

37 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"The Director Of The Belgrade Zoo Tries To Convince Sami The Chimpanzee To Return Home After He Escaped, 1988"

38 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"Babies Left To Sleep Outside, Enforcing Immune Sistem, Moscow 1958"

39 Historical Photos (40 pics)

"Archduke Franz Ferdinand And His Wife Minutes Before Assassination That Would Lead To Ww1, 1914 [colorized]"

40 Historical Photos (40 pics)


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