How can you increase views of your videos on YouTube?

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1 How can you increase views of your videos on YouTube?

Do you own a personal YouTube channel, but do not understand how to become popular?

Do you want your videos to be at the leading positions in the trends? We can help you!

In our article we will show you the ways you can use and the steps to be taken to increase the number of views on your website. We will also study all the peculiarities and small components which will make you interested in getting new subscribers.

How the number of views has an impact on your channel?

Any strategies on YouTube are built as follows: video views are a key factor influencing the promotion of any channel.

Any video has its own activity. This is exactly the amount of time that the viewers are on the channel while they are exploring the content they like.

Before the output of the video to a specific position in the standard list, the portal examines such key parameters:

1. How many people read the given video?

2. What is the total time the video has been viewed?

If you have good characteristics on a regular basis, you will definitely find yourself in the leading positions. This is exactly the reason why you should make all kinds of efforts to increase the views on the site. What can you do?

If you periodically post good and fresh content, everything will work out. However, after a certain period of time the development of the channel will stop, because the videos will not be so popular anymore.

To promote videos and withdraw them to the leading positions, the rapid promotion of your YouTube channel, you can take the following effective actions - about them we'll tell you more in detail later.

Develop the best content

Everything depends on the content. That's why you need to make your videos different from the content of other users.

This is quite an important point. Since there are not the prettiest as well as the most honest techniques to promote the popularity of YouTube videos, we'll consider only the key one - the quality of the content.

Users should have an interest in watching your videos, because value is more important than anything else. Does it matter to you how valuable your videos are? In that case, successful content marketing is simply out of the question. And there's no other way.

YouTube, like its main organization, Google, is a search engine. And what is the essence of a search engine? That's right: to show people the highest quality and most relevant content. For this very reason, Google always recommends that webmasters guarantee the relevance of the portal to visitors. It's the same algorithm that governs everything on YouTube.

Find out what your future visitors are worried about and let them know what to do about it.

Develop Playlists and Arrange Videos

Very few people use this not-so-sophisticated but simple method, although almost everyone is familiar with it. First, create themed playlists. The content in them will be
interconnected by a single story.

Speaking directly about the placement of clips, first lay out the usual, and at the end - the best and most popular. Visitors will watch the videos in turn (as a rule). That is, people should become more and more interesting - with each subsequent viewing.

Using this technique has the following advantages:

1. The most popular and fresh content as well as earlier publications will be viewed.

2. people will get acquainted with the whole playlist, study all the available videos that are offered to them. This way, the audience will stay on your channel longer - and you'll definitely improve your ranking position.

Using the above technique, do not forget the following:

1. If the video is just a continuation of past content, remove all the usual intros and splash pages. Just start working through the fresh content.

2. At the end of the video, insert links to new and past entries (those that share the same storyline).

What can you do to increase views of videos on YouTube when working exclusively with the title and preview?

How can a new user become interested in a video? Sure, if he is intrigued by the title and a colorful preview.

When using this method, follow these criteria:

1. Clearly select the main image. Preview should not just make people want to watch - it also represents the whole theme of the video. The picture should be carefully selected for the content, or the user will discover the deception and lose interest in your channel.

2. The preview and title should have the same essence. Between the title and the picture should be clearly visible relationship. The title should also interest the visitor with a brief message about the key topic of the video. The image - it's just a supplement to the title, showing a vivid detail, which fully disclosed only video. A person will be interested in the details, and he will open a link.

3. See what will be the final preview and text of the title on different devices: laptop, tablet, phone. Sometimes for a smartphone screen, the title of the video is quite bulky and the preview is too inarticulate. But on a laptop, the same title will look smooth and succinct. It is important to choose the best variant.

4. study the results and then decide on the next steps. The benefit and effectiveness of previews and headlines is checked with YouTube Analytics. If everything is presented correctly, the channel will be promoted in a short time.

Talk to other content providers

It is not necessary to enter into arguments with competing bloggers - even if you have the same audience. Try to establish a symbiosis - in other words, a partnership that benefits both you and the other writer. Don't forget that the key goal of content marketing on YouTube is to create value for your visitors and increase your reach for future users. Your chances won't be affected in any way by the appearance of a new competitor.

So how can you gain more views while collaborating with a competitor? The answer is this: there is an opportunity to co-create content. Let's say you can become a guest of any video of another author - in this way, people who previously did not know about your brand can show interest. And a competitor, in turn, can extract more traffic - if you run a promotion for your co-created video. And your site visitors will benefit from such interesting content. Pros for everyone!

The last seconds of videos and the meaning of the final splashes

In the final minutes of any video, you need to make a reference to your past work. Tell your viewers that it's important to review what came before as well.

Once you've said goodbye to the visitors, leave a few seconds more audio track, put the final splash screen. Of course, with links to your other videos, and to other channels (if any).

In another situation, a person will simply close the recording and leave the channel. And this option is essentially a trigger. That is, a person is pushed to continue watching, to linger on the channel.

Generating headlines with keyword tracking

Be sure to take a closer look at thematic queries with solid tails. They are based on a single foundation - with subsequent branches. Under it and adjust everything else - with the idea of its original continuation.

Want to make a video on a specific topic? Just type a potential title into the search engine and research the list of submissions. Then, with the information extracted, create a quality and interesting title.

Researching your competitors' channels can also help generate titles for your videos.

Mixed use of all methods

We advise you to use just this method if you want to increase views on YouTube.

Any of the above methods are functioning at 100% and quite good promotion youtub-channel characteristics. But if you use 2-3 methods at the same time, any new video will bring viewers and additional subscribers.

Now you know what you can do to increase the number of views on YouTube. We have disclosed this topic in detail and laid out all the ways to promote content on the channel. Just repeat everything clearly on the list and your videos very soon will be in the leading positions.

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