Perfect Boyfriends (17 pics)

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Had a nightmare this morning so my boyfriend came home and surprised me with this.

1 Perfect Boyfriends (17 pics)

2 Perfect Boyfriends (17 pics)

Breakfast for dinner! My husband made me eggs, toast, and bacon. We have had a stressful of couple weeks and small kind gestures for one another have made all the difference.

3 Perfect Boyfriends (17 pics)

A few days ago, I tried Dutch braiding my own hair and kept getting frustrated because I couldn’t. Last night, my boyfriend began watching videos to learn how to braid my hair.

4 Perfect Boyfriends (17 pics)

I asked my boyfriend to watch our pets. Later I walked into the living room and found everyone like this:

5 Perfect Boyfriends (17 pics)

When we got engaged 5 years ago, my husband couldn’t afford the ring I originally wanted. He promised me, at the time, that when we were more financially stable, he would get me ‘the dream ring that I deserve.’ Today, he surprised me with this stunner! I’m truly the luckiest woman in the world.

6 Perfect Boyfriends (17 pics)

I mentioned to my boyfriend how beautiful the necklace was that our mutual friend made, and he surprised me with it today.

7 Perfect Boyfriends (17 pics)

My super-cool boyfriend made this for my birthday. Thanks for making me feel special.

8 Perfect Boyfriends (17 pics)
Boyfriend flew all the way to New Zealand to visit me since I am studying abroad for a semester. First time seeing him in 2 months — we couldn’t stop smiling all day.

9 Perfect Boyfriends (17 pics)

My husband made this bookshelf for me out of old barn wood and steel piping.

10 Perfect Boyfriends (17 pics)

11 Perfect Boyfriends (17 pics)

My husband is the absolute cutest. I’ve been saying how much I miss getting massages. So for my birthday, he bought me a massage table, learned how to do deep tissue massages, and transformed our living room into a massage studio.

12 Perfect Boyfriends (17 pics)

On the left is the photo I posted of my boyfriend and I, on the right is his response.

13 Perfect Boyfriends (17 pics)

Frog custard tart my husband made me on my birthday

14 Perfect Boyfriends (17 pics)

My boyfriend made me a sandwich and a coffee to take to work. Brightened a gloomy morning.

15 Perfect Boyfriends (17 pics)


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Thanks for setting the bar high for us mere mortal men. [sarcasm]

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