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Broke my family's poverty cycle - my wife and I just bought our first home!

1 Sweet Pictures (25 pics)

My “brother” turned 14 years old today! He enjoyed a long car ride, swimming in the ocean and some cheeseburgers! Everyone wish Dakota a happy birthday. We’ve had him since he was a puppy!

2 Sweet Pictures (25 pics)

Father Brad Lewis saved his son from falling off of a balcony by jumping after him.
His youngest had very little injury's as a result of his father cradling him to his chest and taking the blunt of the hit. Lewis survived with a fractured skull, bruising and other injuries.

3 Sweet Pictures (25 pics)

Dude offering to just listen to anyone who wants to talk on a road by my parents house.

4 Sweet Pictures (25 pics)

5 Sweet Pictures (25 pics)

I’m two years sober, today!


6 Sweet Pictures (25 pics)

One year since my wife brought a flea ridden, tiny baby back to life with a blood transfusion.

7 Sweet Pictures (25 pics)

Lost my mom recently after being her caretaker for 20+ years. I have been going through her house and she has left me notes all over in drawers and on paper work which makes me forget about the last 5 years of her dementia and the struggles.
She was a sweet loving woman and knew I'd need this.

8 Sweet Pictures (25 pics)

I’ve been a full time single dad since November, and today I took my girls to get our nails done. It was my first time and I love it!

9 Sweet Pictures (25 pics)

10 Sweet Pictures (25 pics)

I struggle with severe anxiety and I took myself to the fair and even won a dolphin! I’m gonna name him Charlie.


11 Sweet Pictures (25 pics)

We couldn’t see each other for her 100th birthday but today my Oma turned 101!!!

12 Sweet Pictures (25 pics)

It was picture day at doggy day care today.

13 Sweet Pictures (25 pics)

14 Sweet Pictures (25 pics)

My mom is on hospice and her little chihuahua stays at her side 24/7. My dad feeds him dinner in her lap every night and then brings his water over to him.

15 Sweet Pictures (25 pics)

Perfectly written.


16 Sweet Pictures (25 pics)

I have a disability but I didn’t let that stop me from publishing my first book.

17 Sweet Pictures (25 pics)

Today at my son Elijah's school, as I was dropping him off, I asked him why there were so many cars. He said "donuts with dad", so we quickly went back home because I wasn't about to let him miss out.
I know seeing other dads with their kids isn't easy for mine but its life, at least I can do whatever it takes to put a smile on that face, so here it goes.

18 Sweet Pictures (25 pics)

Here’s my autistic brother playing with some cats that wandered onto our deck. God I love this image.

19 Sweet Pictures (25 pics)

I packed over 250 meals yesterday for donation. we served rice, lentils and kheer to the poor.

20 Sweet Pictures (25 pics)

Hunched over, letting my 10 month old "walk" to the truck, I saw this outside an Albertsons, under a bush, completely blank.
As a struggling stay at home dad, we could have really used this. Turned it into the counter, turns out it's an old man's rent $ and he'd been stressing all day about it.


21 Sweet Pictures (25 pics)

And they're the two best friends that anyone could have.

22 Sweet Pictures (25 pics)

There is literally a bird sitting on my phone as I tweet this. It's tweeting.

23 Sweet Pictures (25 pics)

24 Sweet Pictures (25 pics)

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