Online Casino Bonus Codes for 2022

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1 Online Casino Bonus Codes for 2022


Bonuses and promotions are the biggest advantages of playing at casino sites. Online casinos use these rewards to draw attention to their franchise and promote what they offer.

The quality of bonuses a casino offer could go a long way in determining the number of customers they will have. That is why new and existing casinos introduce and improve on their offers daily.

Generally, a casino bonus is an amount offered to enable gamblers to bet more added to deposits they make. Bonus funds can also be viewed as "discounts". A discount is an amount in percentage subtracted from the original price of a commodity.

The definition above applies to some bonuses and promotions. For example, a casino may put up 50% of the original deposit money to be funded into a customer’s account as a deposit bonus.

The bonuses and promotions you may come across in various casinos include the welcome bonus, the free spin bonus, multipliers, deposit bonus, no deposit bonus and the VIP loyalty program.

This article focuses on the no deposit bonus and its bonus codes.

What is the no deposit bonus?

This is a "free of charge" bonus offered to a customer without he/she funding the casino account or depositing an amount of money.

This bonus can be in the form of a welcome bonus after a customer must have registered and activated his account. It can be offered as free spins where customers have to spin a reel of bonuses to be awarded, or a multiplier bonus.

Most of these bonuses can be accessed via bonus codes, which are used in exchange for the bonus.

No deposit bonus codes

The no deposit bonus codes are a combination of numbers, letters and symbols used in exchange for the no deposit bonus.

The length of the codes ranges from 6(minimum) to 12(maximum) depending on the casino a customer chooses.

How to obtain no deposit bonus codes

This is a very important question that new gamblers ask. Well, you can obtain the no deposit bonus codes via;

• Social media accounts of the casino you choose like Facebook, WhatsApp or telegram.
• Via email/SMS of which you must have inquired first.
• You can obtain no deposit bonus codes via the newsletter or the casino page.

How to use the no deposit bonus codes
When you obtain the code, you can choose to use it immediately or leave it for later depending on the time frame it should last.

The best advice is to use the code within the time limit provided for you.

A pane will be provided for you to enter the code and directives will also be made available by the casino of your choice.

It is important to note that each code acquired is specifically for you and cannot be used more than once.


In summary, bonus codes are important because it helps casinos monitor promotions, helps customers acquire promotions and it enable casinos to monitor the traffic on their online sites.

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