Cooking Hacks (20 pics)

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"A little too fancy for my liking thoughts?"

1 Cooking Hacks (20 pics)

"Cheeto dust fingers prevention // Say goodbye to orange and red fingers – use chopsticks"

2 Cooking Hacks (20 pics)

"Toaster oven s’mores for when you don’t have a campfire"

3 Cooking Hacks (20 pics)

"One pan chicken thighs cooked on wire rack over sliced potatoes."

4 Cooking Hacks (20 pics)

"I call it lazy lasagna; frozen ravioli layered with sauce and mozzarella baked in the oven. Anyone else do this?"

5 Cooking Hacks (20 pics)

"Grate a piece of toast if you’re out of breadcrumbs"

6 Cooking Hacks (20 pics)

"Splatter shield was too small for my pan"

7 Cooking Hacks (20 pics)

"Cook your bacon in an Ikea grill pan! It keeps it flat and my husband said it’s ribbed for your pleasure"

8 Cooking Hacks (20 pics)

"Some grocers are using banana leaves as an alternative way to package without plastic."

9 Cooking Hacks (20 pics)

"I got into cheesemaking this quarantine and really wanted to try out cannoli. Obviously didn’t have the tubes so I made a makeshift one using aluminum foil. Basically roll up the foil in cylinders and wrap the dough around it. I think it turned out pretty great. What do you guys think?"

10 Cooking Hacks (20 pics)

"Crinkle your foil before making chik nuggets, frozen potatoes etc. for easy flipping"

11 Cooking Hacks (20 pics)

"Use a binder clip to keep your thermometer inside your cooking liquid…"

12 Cooking Hacks (20 pics)

"If you want to make filled cupcakes, muffins, donuts or other pastries, use a needle-less medicine syringe. It’s more precise, neater and easier than using piping bags, plus they’re reusable and cheap!"

13 Cooking Hacks (20 pics)

"If your cheesecake has any cracks: just “decorate” it in fruit"

14 Cooking Hacks (20 pics)

"When sprinkling icing sugar over pastries or cakes, balance your wire tray over the sink (make sure the tap is out of the way!), dust liberally and any excess sugar can be easily rinsed away. No sticky counter / cloth! :)"

15 Cooking Hacks (20 pics)

"My personal favorite snack (Mexican). Add grilled sausages for even more deliciousness."

16 Cooking Hacks (20 pics)

"Spoons for anchors"

17 Cooking Hacks (20 pics)

"Saw spoon anchors on here yesterday… may I present you with the fork anchor"

18 Cooking Hacks (20 pics)

"Good Knowledge"

19 Cooking Hacks (20 pics)

"Everyone is obsessed with my salsa, I don’t make it any different but my secret is that I add a few splashes of white wine vinegar Brings out tons of flavor!"

20 Cooking Hacks (20 pics)


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