Unusual Finds (28 pics)

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This old typewriter I found is from 1914, I think.

1 Unusual Finds (28 pics)

We were handed down chairs built during the Great Depression. Lumber must have been hard to find at the time because our chair is made from an old Ouija board.

2 Unusual Finds (28 pics)

Found this old taco bell sign in Georgia

3 Unusual Finds (28 pics)

This 1941 Wheat Penny I found in an old change jar

4 Unusual Finds (28 pics)

When ripping out my ceiling drywall I found a report card from 1957 that a kid must have hidden up. Someone failed the 8th grade.

5 Unusual Finds (28 pics)

Uncovering layers of wallpaper today... how sweet is this pattern?!


6 Unusual Finds (28 pics)

Cleaning out an old apartment and found a 1982 Coca-Cola screwdriver set.

7 Unusual Finds (28 pics)

Found my dad’s old phone.

8 Unusual Finds (28 pics)

We’ve lived in this house since 2017. Today we found a secret shelf in the broom cupboard. On that shelf, we found this.

9 Unusual Finds (28 pics)

My mom’s purse was stolen in the ’80s. Today someone messaged her that they found it deep in the woods.

10 Unusual Finds (28 pics)

Converting our cellar at home, builders found a newspaper from 1880 in a void.


11 Unusual Finds (28 pics)

Going through some old stuff and found my Pogs, including these Simpsons ones.

12 Unusual Finds (28 pics)

These old shaving kits that I found.

13 Unusual Finds (28 pics)

Found a cookie I made as a child for my mom’s first Mother’s Day after she left my abusive dad still in my mom’s freezer — I’m 28 now.

14 Unusual Finds (28 pics)

Asked my dad what this thing is and what its purpose is. He said I need to plug it in to listen to AC/DC.

15 Unusual Finds (28 pics)

Found this while cleaning my grandmother’s phone case. It’s from my grandfather. They’ve been together for almost 50 years.


16 Unusual Finds (28 pics)

Found an old book, found some old money.

17 Unusual Finds (28 pics)

Found an overdue rental at my mom’s house from 1994.

18 Unusual Finds (28 pics)

I’m a grown man, but when I found these in the basement of my old house I couldn’t resist taking them back with me.

19 Unusual Finds (28 pics)

This dollar I got in change at the dry cleaner is from 1935 — 86 years old.

20 Unusual Finds (28 pics)

A 32-year-old, still sealed bottle of German beer found under my grandparents sink while cleaning their house out (we're American).


21 Unusual Finds (28 pics)

Original Victorian tiling hiding under the carpet in the lobby of our 1889 Terrace.

22 Unusual Finds (28 pics)

Found behind a closet in my old room. I had totally forgotten that I had glued this poster of Rome on the wall as a teenager.

23 Unusual Finds (28 pics)

This old fridge my girlfriends parents own from 1944 that still works

24 Unusual Finds (28 pics)

This old school shower that tells you the water temperature

25 Unusual Finds (28 pics)

This 40+ years old, hand carved marble chessboard


26 Unusual Finds (28 pics)


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#5 Feel sorry for the kid grinded by the system. Obviously free and artsy soul trapped inbetween grades.

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