What are the top Benefits Of Using Github?

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1 What are the top Benefits Of Using Github?

If you work in the software development industry, you've likely heard about GitHub, a service that hosts Git repositories and has a web-based graphical interface. Our goal today is to talk about it and highlight some of the benefits you receive from using Github. You can find Github services from a site such as Accfarm.

A subset of GitHub is called the Git branch, and a subset is called the Hub branch. A project management tool and a basic task management tool are included, along with access control functions. A number of programming languages are supported by GitHub, and each iteration is tracked according to the changes made.

"Git" stands for version control; an instrument that can be used to keep track of changes to code as it is constantly revised. People who participate in the Hub are part of a community of individuals who have the same viewpoints. Reviewing, improving, and generating new ideas from uploaded code is what the community is all about.

So what are the main benefits of using GitHub?

Contributing to an open source project has never been easier

The majority of open-source projects use GitHub to manage their projects. Your project can be hosted on GitHub for free if it is open source and contains a wiki and issue tracker, which will allow you to include more in-depth documentation and receive feedback. You can contribute by forking a project, making changes, and then using the GitHub web interface to send a pull request.

• Detailed documentation

When you use GitHub, you make getting excellent documentation easier. Almost any topic related to git can be found in their help section and guides.

• Demonstrate your work

Do you wish to attract recruiters as a developer? In this case, you should use GitHub. The majority of companies today check the GitHub profiles of new recruits when looking for new staff. It doesn't matter if you don't attend a great university or college if your profile is available.

• Markdown

Markdown allows you to create formatted documents using a simple text editor. By using Markdown for everything, GitHub has revolutionized writing: from the issue tracker to user comments. It is a big advantage to have your content inputted in a standard format without having to learn another system when setting up projects in so many other languages.

• GitHub is an online repository

I mentioned this already, but I would like to emphasize that GitHub is a repository.
As a result, your work gets out there and gets seen by the public. The GitHub community is also one of the largest coding communities around, so your project will have wide exposure.

• Keeping track of changes in your code

It's difficult to keep track of revisions when multiple people are working on the same project, such as who changed what and when. GitHub keeps track of all the changes pushed into the repository so it doesn't have to worry about that issue. You can have a version history of your code, just as you would in Microsoft Word or on Google Drive so that previous versions are not lost with each iteration.

• Integration options

GitHub's capabilities include integrations with cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, and services such as Code Climate to track your feedback. It also supports syntax highlighting in over 200 different programming languages.

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