Food Challenges Around The World (11 pics)

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8th Wonder Challenge – New Jersey

Grab 9 of your hungriest friends and head to Jersey for this 105-pound burger. Served up at Clinton Station Diner, the burger is 28 inches in diameter and 11.5 inches tall. Teams are given one hour to finish and a $2,000 prize for completion.

1 Food Challenges Around The World (11 pics)

The Whale Challenge – Yorkshire, UK

Casey’s Fish ‘n’ Chips in Yorkshire, England believes they are serving up the largest portion of fish and chips in the UK. The challenge features a 32oz battered haddock, 15oz of fries, a roll, and 4 sides.

2 Food Challenges Around The World (11 pics)

220oz steak challenge – County Durham, UK

The George Pub and Grill in the UK is known for serving up a 13.75 lb steak. The challenge costs $125 and requires 24-hour notice before attempting. On top of the 220 ounces of steak, teams of 4 must take down fries, onion rings, and coleslaw.

3 Food Challenges Around The World (11 pics)

KIDZ Breakfast Challenge – Great Yarmouth, England

Ron Swanson wannabes can hit up Jester’s Diner in Great Yarmouth, England where their breakfast challenge weighs as much as a small child. This combo of bacon, sausage, eggs, potatoes, black pudding, mushrooms, bread, beans, and hash browns weights a whopping 9 pounds and contains over 6,000 calories.

4 Food Challenges Around The World (11 pics)

P’Hall of Fame Curry Challenge – New York

While some food challenges are based off of absurdly large quantities, others take a different approach and hit you with the heat. Curry loves can head to Brick Lane Curry House for some of the hottest curry on the planet. Finish this hot challenge and your face will be on the P-hall of Fame.

5 Food Challenges Around The World (11 pics)

Italian Challenge – Niagara Falls, Canada

This one may seem like a lot of food but to every Italian out there, this is a standard family meal. Try all the tastes of Italy with spaghetti, lasagna, chicken parm, cheese manicotti, cannelloni, garlic bread, vegetable soup and an apple crisp for dessert. Think you can finish this all in 90 minutes? Head to Mick & Angelo’s Eatery to test your skills.

6 Food Challenges Around The World (11 pics)

The Zellagabetsky Challenge – Texas

At what point is a sandwich no longer considered a sandwich? This massive sandwich at Jenny and Ziggy’s Delicatessen contains 4 pounds of meat along with cheese, coleslaw, and Russian dressing with red sweet peppers. Past winners of this challenge include basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal.

7 Food Challenges Around The World (11 pics)

Kitchen Sink Challenge – Walnut Creek, US

The sundae to end all sundaes, this tower from The San Francisco Creamery includes three bananas, eight scoops of ice cream, eight different toppings, whipped cream, and nuts. Oh, and a cherry on top. Complete the challenge in under an hour and you get free ice cream for life.

8 Food Challenges Around The World (11 pics)

Jurassic Pork Challenge – Sydney

Weighing in at 3.5 pounds, this hollowed out loaf of bread contains pulled pork and coleslaw. Finish the tower, along with a serving of fries, in 35 minutes and the meal is free. If you fail, a $49 bill is waiting for you, along with a photo on their “Pork of Shame” wall.

9 Food Challenges Around The World (11 pics)

Bacon Bomb Challenge – Chicago

The Bacon Bomb Challenge contains five pound of ground sausage, pork and beef, all wrapped in bacon, covered in brown sugar, and slow cooked. Finish the meal, which normally serves 6-8 people, in 45 minutes of less to join their wall of fame.

10 Food Challenges Around The World (11 pics)


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