Great Dads (15 pics)

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“My husband, working on his Master’s degree, while holding one of our twin boys.”

1 Great Dads (15 pics)

I let my daughter pick my costume for Halloween. 1) Long hair sucks. 2) Women’s clothes are not comfortable.”

2 Great Dads (15 pics)

3 Great Dads (15 pics)

“Little Miss Bedhead was very impressed with the Mickey Mouse pancake I made. TV makes shaped pancakes seem a whole lot easier.”

4 Great Dads (15 pics)

“I love watching my daughter perform. How it started, first pic, and how it’s going, second pic.”

5 Great Dads (15 pics)

“Any other dads know this struggle...”

6 Great Dads (15 pics)

“My daughter runs a bath for me when I get home from work. Even lays out all the stuff I need! Makes working 2 jobs as a lone parent worth it!”

7 Great Dads (15 pics)

“Daughter (2 years old) wanted to sleep with the skeleton in her room. You choose your battles...”

8 Great Dads (15 pics)

“Taking my daughter camping is one of my favorite parts of being a dad.”

9 Great Dads (15 pics)

“First time being a dad. Amazed at how quickly my son’s emotions change.”

10 Great Dads (15 pics)

“Some days being a step-dad is really hard... but some days you get to be a fairy in the forest.”

11 Great Dads (15 pics)

“This will be my crowning achievement as a dad.”

12 Great Dads (15 pics)

“I just started growing and keeping a beard. As a dad of little girls, this is what playtime looks like.”

13 Great Dads (15 pics)

“Chair I made in 1997 as a 14 y/o in middle school wood shop. Now, 38 & realized I saved it for 24 years to give to my son.”

14 Great Dads (15 pics)

“My son wants to help.”

15 Great Dads (15 pics)


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