Family Life (17 pics)

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“My friends Grandma’s put a magazine cut out of Leonardo DiCaprio over her late (not so nice) husband’s face.”

1 Family Life (17 pics)

“My daughter hates it when her sandwich is not cut perfectly in half. My wife had to up her game to annoy her.”

2 Family Life (17 pics)

“Having been given it as a gift but unsure of what it does, my mother used her $140 Apple trackpad as a mousepad.”

3 Family Life (17 pics)

“When a family argument about dog pants gets out of hand”

4 Family Life (17 pics)

“My friend wanted her family to take her to an art museum for Mother’s Day.”

5 Family Life (17 pics)

“My family is pretty odd. Tonight, my mom hired an Elvis impersonator and didn’t tell anyone about it.”

6 Family Life (17 pics)

"The best present from your brother"

7 Family Life (17 pics)

“My short mom sends our family photos of her with really tall people.”

8 Family Life (17 pics)

“My mother got embarrassed when she ’found my girlfriend’s panties’ on our kitchen table.”

9 Family Life (17 pics)

“My wife is way too amused at my sister’s gift to me.”

10 Family Life (17 pics)

“My 39-week pregnant wife went to the store to ’get stuff for dinner.’ This is what she came home with.”

11 Family Life (17 pics)

“My wife just texted me this picture of our cat playing behind the TV.”

12 Family Life (17 pics)

“My little brother decided to celebrate his eighth birthday at his favorite place: the dentist.”

13 Family Life (17 pics)

“If you let your older brother take an ugly picture of you, you will get it on a custom color-changing mug as a gag gift.”

14 Family Life (17 pics)

“Just my mom and aunt doing family things in Wales...”

15 Family Life (17 pics)

“My uncle’s 4-year-old daughter was not happy to discover her dad’s Halloween costume.”

16 Family Life (17 pics)

“I let my niece put makeup on me. Yep, I’m her favorite uncle for sure.”

17 Family Life (17 pics)


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