How to be prepared for another lockdown?

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1 How to be prepared for another lockdown?

The world has faced one pandemic already and there were things that we had to do, which were never done before. One was the lockdowns faced by most of the world due to the contagious nature of the fast-spreading disease. Lockdowns are never easy and if it is sudden, then it can be quite uncomfortable and even difficult. But now that we have had some experience, if there is another lockdown, we can be prepared for it. Here are a few points that can help in being prepared:


During the previous lockdown, many people lost their jobs and had to depend on their lifelong savings. If anything, the previous lockdown did teach us to be prepared
financially for any such scenario. One needs to add to savings even more, considering what happened last time. Keep adding to the emergency fund and be prepared with something to tide over sudden lockdowns. It will also help if you have skills that will not go out of use or work for the essentials sector. That way, the chances of losing a job will be less.

Food pantry

One of the most important things to do is have a food pantry. If you are anticipating a lockdown, slowly stock up on long-lasting products like rice, pulses and canned food. These last long and even if you are in lockdown, you don’t have to worry about meals. But at the same time, hoarding unnecessary items is discouraged so that an artificial shortage isn’t created. Stock on what you need just to be ready for contingent situations.

Basic medical supplies

Basic medical supplies should always be at home. If you go into lockdown, it is for a reason and leaving the house for medicines is a necessity, but it may be dangerous. So, it is best to keep over the counter general medicines. Pills for fever, stomach bugs, common cold and muscle pain sprays are normally at home and should be stocked up regularly to avoid a shortage during a lockdown.

Online set up

Be prepared to transact online as it limits human to human contact during a lockdown. The whole purpose of a lockdown is to keep humans distanced to limit the spread of disease. Hence, if you are prepared with an online set up – for shopping, ordering or managing payments, it will be helpful. Physical cash transactions are also limited by many sellers and suppliers, so having an online payment mechanism ready is good. Learn how to order things online and contact others online or through the phone. You can still keep going with these tips despite a lockdown.

Entertainment subscriptions

Everyone has different tastes in terms of entertainment. Many prefer going out, meeting people or even watching things like films or plays in theaters. But in a lockdown, this will not be possible. It is best if you plan ahead and prepare. One can sign up for meet and greets online, get subscriptions to OTT platforms or sign up on apps that provide your choice of entertainment. It could be dating, cosplay sex or even an online class – all of this can be done virtually and you must be prepared. Boredom can be harmful to mental health.

DIY activities
Another thing that gets limited in a lockdown is a handyman. If you need small repairs and maintenance, you either have to postpone or learn how to do it yourself. Sometimes, if the lockdown isn’t strict, then you may get someone to come over and fix things. However, to stay safe, it is best to do manageable things yourself. Any plans to renovate or change will have to be done by you or the plan must be put on hold.

In a lockdown, people may get bored or feel stifled. But they don’t have to stifle their kinky desires or be unhappy. One can still get satisfaction virtually. Talking to others through online platforms or playing online games with others, will lift spirits up.

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