About Siblings (19 pics)

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My little sister knocked on my door and I came out to this

1 About Siblings (19 pics)

I got my sister and her boyfriend a fleece blanket with pictures of me on it so they know not to misbehave.

2 About Siblings (19 pics)

My little brother is a pain in the @ss

3 About Siblings (19 pics)

While I was out of town, my sister sent me an update on our dog

4 About Siblings (19 pics)

My sister learned a valuable lesson this Christmas: If you let your older brother take an ugly picture of you, you will get it on a custom color-changing mug as a gag gift. Merry Christmas everyone!

5 About Siblings (19 pics)

My sister thought my leg could use more holiday spirit

6 About Siblings (19 pics)

“"Shirtception" - my favorite gift every year from my brother. We're now at level 7.

7 About Siblings (19 pics)

5 years ago I promised my sister I would bring a llama to her wedding

8 About Siblings (19 pics)

9 About Siblings (19 pics)

My brother sent this while house sitting 5 chihuahuas

10 About Siblings (19 pics)

My wife is way too amused at my sister's gift to me

11 About Siblings (19 pics)

Sister had a tooth thing going on and COVID has prevented her from getting it fixed. I got a mask made for her. Ya know, to make her feel less conscious about it. It is what brothers do, right?

12 About Siblings (19 pics)

My brother got stuck on a swing so I put the hose underneath him like a good brother would

13 About Siblings (19 pics)

My sister is visiting me for Christmas. I prepared some bedding for the guest room.

14 About Siblings (19 pics)

I found out I’m going to be an uncle!!! My sister wasn’t too happy about my interpretation of her upside down ultrasound.

15 About Siblings (19 pics)

I wrapped every single LEGO piece for my little brother, merry Christmas

16 About Siblings (19 pics)

Not sure if I should be proud or concerned. My daughter said “He’s got the RONA!!!” And started making him a coffin.

17 About Siblings (19 pics)

When my parents got married, they had to kneel at the alter and unknowingly to my father, his brother wrote this on the bottom of his shoes. Earlier that day my uncle had 'kindly offered to shine his shoes for him'. My mother's side was a bit more conservative and unimpressed, dad's side howled!

18 About Siblings (19 pics)


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