Funny Kids (20 pics)

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Not sure if she was trying to hide or be funny, but she fell asleep like this.

1 Funny Kids (20 pics)

When your 3-year-old tells a man at McDonald’s that his pants are falling down

2 Funny Kids (20 pics)

My niece and nephew made me a sandwich, topped with baby carrots, panda chocolate cookies, and yogurt. They know me well.

3 Funny Kids (20 pics)

My daughter snuck up from behind and nearly gave me a heart attack.

4 Funny Kids (20 pics)

My kids tore a hole in a bean bag chair and tons of static-charged styrofoam balls went everywhere.

5 Funny Kids (20 pics)

My daughter got her head stuck in the door — she was the one holding the door closed.

6 Funny Kids (20 pics)

My sister tried to take a banana, failed, then ate the banana like a taco.

7 Funny Kids (20 pics)

My niece, who I treated nicely in the 3 hours she stayed, decided that doing this to me was a good idea.

8 Funny Kids (20 pics)

My dad’s Halloween costume in ’78

9 Funny Kids (20 pics)

He asked me for a straw for his orange juice. Minutes later, I remembered we didn’t have orange juice, and I went back to see this.

10 Funny Kids (20 pics)

My nephew has a lot to learn about how this world works.

11 Funny Kids (20 pics)

My 1-year-old niece tore the keys off my keyboard when I wasn’t home.

12 Funny Kids (20 pics)

My daughter, trying to hide when she’s supposed to be in bed

13 Funny Kids (20 pics)

My niece fixed her hair.

14 Funny Kids (20 pics)

My mom was given a doll as a gag gift, and my niece decided it was her BFF.

15 Funny Kids (20 pics)

I don’t have words for how senseless it is.

16 Funny Kids (20 pics)

When I was little, I thought it would be funny if I used a bar stool as a jail cell. It didn’t work out that well for me.

17 Funny Kids (20 pics)

Tomorrow is an exam.

18 Funny Kids (20 pics)

He asked me to pick what hand had his sock.

19 Funny Kids (20 pics)

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