Wholesome Stories (27 pics)

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I created my first coloring book recently and today someone told me it helped them relax during a stressful life event.

1 Wholesome Stories (27 pics)

Been having a really hard time this semester but finally did well on a test this morning.

2 Wholesome Stories (27 pics)

Growing up, I was never considered athletic. Finished my first half-marathon this weekend and couldn’t be happier!

3 Wholesome Stories (27 pics)

I don’t think I’ll be able to take a better picture of my wife and our boy.

4 Wholesome Stories (27 pics)

Got paid for the first time ever tonight to do the one thing I truly love, stand-up comedy.

5 Wholesome Stories (27 pics)

I work at a local animal shelter. Iris wouldn’t let me put her back down during the entirety of my shift.

6 Wholesome Stories (27 pics)

Wanted to post that I finally started to lose the weight I’ve gained.

7 Wholesome Stories (27 pics)

Chubbs got lost in a move over 7 years ago. Today we were reunited.

8 Wholesome Stories (27 pics)

This past week I went on horseback and feel a spark of life and passion in me again.

9 Wholesome Stories (27 pics)

As a kid, I dreamed of working on film sets. I just wrapped my first real movie as a department head.

10 Wholesome Stories (27 pics)

What to expect when expecting: my housemate and her beloved doggo.

11 Wholesome Stories (27 pics)

Ran my first half-marathon! It feels so good to challenge yourself and pull through.

12 Wholesome Stories (27 pics)

For my fiftieth birthday, I published my first book. You’re never too old to reach your dreams.

13 Wholesome Stories (27 pics)

I was a veterinary technician until I retired due to illness. Today I started a job at an avian raptor rescue!

14 Wholesome Stories (27 pics)

Enjoying a beautiful hike after finding out that there is no more stage 4 colon cancer in my body!

15 Wholesome Stories (27 pics)

I’m a mermaid performer and recently gave birth at 35 to a miracle rainbow baby despite endometriosis.

16 Wholesome Stories (27 pics)

My cat got out last week, and I thought I would never see her again, but she was found tonight!

17 Wholesome Stories (27 pics)

When I was born, the doctors told my parents I had Aortic Stenosis so blood couldn't move to the rest of my body. I wasn't supposed to live to my first birthday. This is my cardiologist and I; in a little over a month I start my first semester of university.

18 Wholesome Stories (27 pics)

My dad, earning his bachelors degree, summa cum laude, at 62 years young. He is so happy and I am so proud.

19 Wholesome Stories (27 pics)

My friend’s older daughter (6) dressed her younger daughter (1) for the winter, and she’s just so proud of her outfit.

20 Wholesome Stories (27 pics)

Proud moment for me: My movie comes out in theaters today. I spent every day since I was 12 waiting for today. Thank you Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas for taking a chance on me.

21 Wholesome Stories (27 pics)

My daughter earning her medal for 1,000 books before kindergarten. So proud of her. Sadly, and awesomely, she's been through more books in her life than I have.

22 Wholesome Stories (27 pics)

My husband reached 10,000 days of sobriety, so we threw him a surprise party! When things would get particularly tough, he would say, “I’m going to be so proud of all those days I didn’t drink…” He’s amazing for so many reasons but mostly for his strength.

23 Wholesome Stories (27 pics)

Finally became the proud owner of this beautiful little guy yesterday. Always wanted my own pet and I finally did it. One of the happiest days of my life so far.

24 Wholesome Stories (27 pics)

He guarded a bird with broken wing under my truck for four days before it could fly off. Had to bring them both food and water because he refused to leave its side day and night, very proud of him.

25 Wholesome Stories (27 pics)

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