How to Relax: Easy Tips for Chilling Out

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1 How to Relax: Easy Tips for Chilling Out

When life gets tough, everything can feel all too overwhelming. Stress is a growing problem even for the most Zen amongst us, and it brings a wealth of health issues with it. However, there are a number of small things you can do every day to minimize stress and feel more relaxed despite life throwing you curveballs. From cuddling a pet and vaping, to muscle exercises, breathing hacks and more, these quick and simple relaxation tips can help bring balance in a matter of minutes.

Take a Break

Racing thoughts, a pounding heart and a busy body and mind are a combination for a wellbeing crisis. Work too much for too long, and you can make yourself ill. When stressed, it’s vital to take a break. Do something you enjoy or something that you know will relax your body and mind. Go for a walk, meditate, read a book, listen to your favorite music, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, or simply do nothing at all if that’s what you like. Whether it’s for a few days, or a few minutes, stepping back for some quality ‘you’ time is essential.


Vaping is becoming a relaxing pastime instead of smoking since it is much healthier and overall, more pleasant than cigarettes. You can shop a collection of vaporizers online from the comfort of your home, and choose from an endless collection of sumptuous flavors. There are so many vaporizers on the market, so it’s important to choose one that has increased efficiency and functionality, as well as other useful features like chargeability and battery life.

Simple Breathing Exercises

You can breathe the stress away to help you unwind. Breathing exercises are some of the easiest and fastest methods of soothing an overwhelmed body and mind – anywhere, at any time. Find a quiet, comfortable place in your home or office, sit or lay down, and place a hand on your belly. Breathe in deeply whilst slowly counting to three, followed by a slow, long exhale. Try to feel your abdomen rise and fall with each inhale and exhale. Repeat this as many times as you like until you feel the tension melt away, your body relax, and your mind slowed down.

Muscle Relaxation Exercises

Physical stress usually goes hand in hand with mental stress – both feeding from each other until you’re left like a wound-up ball of anxiety. Muscles tense in response to a stressed mind, which can leave them feeling tight, sore and achy. To remedy this, you can practice tension relieving exercises that quickly relax your muscles and help bring balance to your entire body. These are going to be different types of exercises than those guaranteed to get you into shape, but that is not the goal here anyways so embrace the differences.

Lie down on a comfortable surface like your bed, a couch, or a yoga mat, and become aware of your body. Start with your head, followed by your shoulders, arms, legs and toes. Tense the muscles of any body part, and then slowly release them. Repeat this for every controllable muscle throughout your body, and you’ll feel yourself shift into a state of self-awareness and relaxation.

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