Odd Finds (19 pics)

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“A coworker found a ’motion picture use’ $100 on our construction site.”

1 Odd Finds (19 pics)

“For a month, I thought I lost my wedding ring on a cross-country road trip.”

2 Odd Finds (19 pics)

“I called gas stations, pawnshops, and searched lost and found posts. Finally, I gave up ever seeing it again when we realized it was under my husband’s deodorant!”

“My mother-in-law’s clothesline of fledging butterflies”

3 Odd Finds (19 pics)

“Found this rock with an oddly-shaped hole.”

4 Odd Finds (19 pics)

“Wood ear fungus that looks like a real ear”

5 Odd Finds (19 pics)

“Someone put the wrong soap in our soap dispenser at work and a new galaxy formed.”

6 Odd Finds (19 pics)

“This penny that has been stuck in my washer for years”

7 Odd Finds (19 pics)

“This leaf I found looks just like a watermelon.”

8 Odd Finds (19 pics)

“Had to take down my medicine cabinet to paint, so we left a fun surprise for the next homeowners.”

9 Odd Finds (19 pics)

“An elderly customer came in today with a McDonald’s VIP card.”

10 Odd Finds (19 pics)

“This caterpillar I found”

11 Odd Finds (19 pics)

“My anatomy teacher’s bathroom pass is a human leg bone.”

12 Odd Finds (19 pics)

“My brother caught a fishing pole with a fishing pole.”

13 Odd Finds (19 pics)

“My house from the ’60s has a mini ironing board.”

14 Odd Finds (19 pics)

“My girlfriend’s scrubber looks like it’s trying to impersonate my Bluetooth speaker.”

15 Odd Finds (19 pics)

"Weird long pomegranate or red corn?"

16 Odd Finds (19 pics)

“This person has cut their hedge to look like a dog.”

17 Odd Finds (19 pics)

“This man’s suit consists of 333 soft toys, weighing 26 lb.”

18 Odd Finds (19 pics)

“My mom has an unopened Alice Cooper record from 1972, complete with panties.”

19 Odd Finds (19 pics)


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