5 Biggest Problems With Dating Today & How To Solve Them

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1 5 Biggest Problems With Dating Today & How To Solve Them

The dating world is a long way from what it used to be. In the beginning, people courted to get married; now, people just date for different reasons. Sure, not everyone wants to find a wife and have a dream marriage, but we could all do with better dating standards today. 

People still face issues in the dating pool, no matter how much dating apps try to simplify things. These issues make it challenging for people to form real connections with others. That is why people try other forms of interaction like partnerships, speed dating and cohabitation instead of regular dating and marriage. However, there are solutions which we will discuss in this article.

What are the problems with dating today?

2 5 Biggest Problems With Dating Today & How To Solve Them

There must be a way to help improve people’s dating experiences. We can bring back the days when you’d know what to expect when going on a date with someone. But to do that, we must first identify the existing problems in the dating world. Understanding the issues below will guide the right approach to solving them:

1. The fear of commitment

We aren’t sure how we went from dating to create a strong emotional connection to dating for casual sex and movie trips, but the fear of commitment is now a thing. There are so many reasons why people do not want to shoulder the responsibilities that come with dating. A popular excuse people give is that they are scared of losing out at the end of the day.

3 5 Biggest Problems With Dating Today & How To Solve Them

The solution

Clear communication between couples works wonders. Merely going with the flow creates a situation where both parties expect different results from the date. And when one person drops the ball, the other gets hurt and can ultimately develop a fear of commitment.

2. Fake dating profiles

We often underestimate the damage that dating catfishes and fake dating profiles do to people seeking serious relationships. Many dating apps are ramping up their security measures to combat this issue. However, catfishing is still prevalent in many dating platforms today.

It is easy to take great photos, say the right things, and connect with someone online. So people take advantage if this to create fake profiles to scam others or communicate with someone they feel is out of their league. But they don’t consider the emotional and psychological trauma it will inflict on the other party when they realize they’ve been building castles in the air.

Once bitten, twice shy; the effects of catfishing make it difficult for people to want to continue using dating profiles anymore. So far, there are no guaranteed measures to curtail it. Therefore, many people avoid online dating altogether. 

The solution

Dating platforms must come up with more stringent profiling methods. There should be a verification process that visitors must complete before signing up. Setting up these checkpoints will reduce the chances of a catfish gaining access. Another way to avoid falling prey to online dating pretenders is by insisting on a physical date in public as soon as you start feeling attached to someone romantically online.

3. The expensive side of dating

Today, it seems as if dating is a luxury. The street definition of dates nowadays involves going to exquisite places and paying for expensive food. But how can someone who lives paycheck to paycheck afford these places? With social media came the pressure for people to look like they’re living their best lives. So more and more people think they need to make the big bucks before going on decent dates.

The solution

You may not solve inflation and other economic problems, but you can find a way around them. Start by creating a budget for a date and planning with your partner based on it. Resist the urge to take your date to the fanciest restaurant if you can’t afford it. There are always lovely cheaper options that you can agree on.

4. The gender war is getting fiercer

For some reason, men and women have been fighting a lot on social media. It’s as if both genders look at each other through stained glass. Many women think men are terrible people, while men think women are crazy. This bias has created a dating problem because you are unlikely to find attraction in such tense environments.

The solution

When gender-based arguments come up, try to listen and see from the other parties’ viewpoints. If you must disagree, do so politely. Showing mutual respect for people online will help douse the flames of gender wars.

5. Dating is time-consuming 

Dating takes time, and that is how it has always been. Both parties have to dedicate time to make the relationship work intentionally. Sadly, no one has time these days. We’re all too caught up in work, school and social media to meet people and go on proper dates. 

The solution

Create time for yourself and your partner. Prioritize the little moments because they form memories that keep relationships going when the romantic flames become embers. Be intentional about going on dates and spending time together.

Final thoughts 

These are just five out of the many dating problems in the world. However, finding solutions to them can help people find and nurture genuine relationships. Dating does not have to be complicated and unachievable. You can get more out of the dating scene if you go in knowing what to expect and how to handle it.

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