The best interior design for musicians

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Serious music lessons will require you to think about a place for rehearsals - without a mess and a waste of neighbors' nerves. What needs to be foreseen?
When a person learns to play one instrument (or even several), the sounds that he first makes will not seem the most pleasant in the world, even to his parents. And the first step is to take care of sound insulation. And the instrument itself, if it is not a piccolo flute, occupies a certain place, so it is better to immediately think over the place of its storage so that the room does not turn into a warehouse. Thirdly, if the area does not allow you to devote an entire room for music, you need to think about allocating a corner with the least loss for the space of the apartment.

1 The best interior design for musicians

Sounds of music

Even minor work on the surface of the walls will dramatically improve the results of musical experiments. Moreover, modern acoustic materials (and we are not talking about egg boxes!) will definitely not spoil the appearance of the room.

Acoustic panels purchased in specialized stores look quite stylish, come in different colors, and in addition to real benefits, they will also show that the owner of the room appreciates quality sound.


Sound engineers advise placing a place for listening to music - whether you are a musician or just a music lover - right in the middle of the room so that the sound reflections from each wall are as equal as possible. It is clear that this is an ideal option and, to put it mildly, not the most convenient. You can strive at least to ensure that the place for listening to music is symmetrical with respect to the walls.

If you want to save your neighbors from noise, and yourself from unwanted distortions of sound inside the room, then it is best to turn to professionals who will calculate everything and place sound insulation in the right places. And again: there is no need to be afraid that beauty will have to be sacrificed for the sake of better sound.

Serious attitude

Do not forget that sound insulation is also necessary for the musician himself - bare walls reflect sound well, which distorts the real picture. And if the room is used not only for rehearsals but also for working with sound processing, then you need to attend to this problem before thinking about decor.

It is important to understand what the room will be used for: rehearsals, writing, working with sound. Of course, you immediately want to combine all this in one place, but, as experience shows, there are no universal premises, and one of the aspects of the musical life of a room will definitely outweigh.

Also, pay attention to the furniture that helps to save space. To find such furniture pieces you can go to Nyfurnitureoutlets that has a wide assortment of furniture designs that can help to economize space.
Household items should be in hidden storage areas. It looks concise and removes the feeling of clutter.

Tool storage

Another pressing problem is where to find a place for all the tools. If there is only one at home (and this is not a piano), then the question is insignificant. But if someone collects old guitars or cellos from the same master, then difficulties may arise.

2 The best interior design for musicians

And the first thing that can be advised is to use walls. It is enough just to screw the required number of fasteners to the wall if the collection is not very large.
The instruments themselves, especially exotic ones, will decorate any interior. If they are rarely used at home, the tools can be fixed with special fasteners in the frames and removed if necessary.

Another option is to create a special cabinet with dedicated tool compartments. Try to find trumpet, guitar, and kid's piano here. It seems that everything is exactly where it always belonged, and at the same time the collection of all sorts of things, which included beautiful instruments, does not look like a showcase in a junk shop. If your instruments have some kind of history, then you can put them on public display, like exhibits in a museum.

Your corner

It is clear that in a two-room apartment (and especially in a one-room apartment)you don’t have many choices for music lessons. Even if the size of the house can accommodate a small jazz band with a grand piano and two double bass players, then it still worth considering the better place for rehearsals. Not all family members will want to listen to scales for hours sitting next door.

A rehearsal room in a basement or garage can save everyone. The basement is less demanding in terms of acoustics. And when everything is roaring around, the drummer does not hear anyone around.

Carpet under the drums, carpet on the walls - this is the maximum that a teenage punk or rock band needs.

The garage is generally a classic of the genre, steadfastly associated with American teenage culture. On weekends, you can even arrange small concerts here, without fear that the musicians will smash the family china or flood the parquet with soda in a fit of passion.

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