Life In Japan (15 pics)

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Bathrooms have baby seats and bag holders.

1 Life In Japan (15 pics)

When you flush the toilet, water will run so you can wash your hands. This water is then reused to flush the toilet.

2 Life In Japan (15 pics)

Shops in Japan have kid sized baskets. Children item are on he bottom shelves so it's easier for them to grab. Mainly because Japanese children run errands at an early age.

3 Life In Japan (15 pics)

This public bathroom lets you check inside before entering. And when you lock the door, the glass turns opaque.

4 Life In Japan (15 pics)

This fridge opens from both sides! It's a lefties dream come true.

5 Life In Japan (15 pics)

They have capsule hotels for as little as $20 a night. Your keycard gives you access to the elevators and lockers. You also get an amenity bag that includes your necessities. I'm lowkey claustrophobic but these pods are roomy.

6 Life In Japan (15 pics)

There are lockers for your umbrella. Make sure you remember your number.

7 Life In Japan (15 pics)

When you're over seventy five years old, you'll get this sticker. This lets other drivers know you're old.

8 Life In Japan (15 pics)

This robot runs a coffee shop all by itself.

9 Life In Japan (15 pics)

This cashier less store already knows what I have and totals the order without scanning. (RFID scans all the items in the basket)

10 Life In Japan (15 pics)

They have antibacterial film on handles, elevator buttons and vending machines.

11 Life In Japan (15 pics)

They have Black Q-tips with a ribbed texture. So that it feels good when you're penetrating the ear lobes. And it's visually satisfying when you see all that gunk.

12 Life In Japan (15 pics)

The waiter totaled our order by scanning our plates.

13 Life In Japan (15 pics)

When you arrive to school you have to remove your shoes and put on indoor shoes. There are also separate slippers for the restroom.

14 Life In Japan (15 pics)

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