Jellyfish Facts (15 pics)

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Jellyfish can still sting even when they’re dead.

Jellyfish are 95 percent water.

1 Jellyfish Facts (15 pics)

Nuclear power plants around the world have been taken offline by swarms of jellyfish in the water cooling systems.

2 Jellyfish Facts (15 pics)

One jellyfish, the Turritopsis dohrnii, can reverse its life cycle until it reverts to a polyp and starts the process over again. It’s also called the “immortal jellyfish” and the “Benjamin Button jellyfish”.

Jellyfish are older than the dinosaurs, existing for over 650 million years.

Jellyfish have the most basic nervous systems of any multicellular animal.

3 Jellyfish Facts (15 pics)

Jellyfish are edible and blubber jellies are considered a delicacy in parts of Asia.

4 Jellyfish Facts (15 pics)

In 1991 NASA sent over 2000 jellyfish to space for an experiment.

Jellyfish don’t have organs.

5 Jellyfish Facts (15 pics)

The lion’s mane jellyfish is the largest of the species, with the body reaching up to 20 feet and the tentacles reaching 164 feet.

6 Jellyfish Facts (15 pics)

The smallest jellyfish is the kingslayer, tinier than a fingernail and one of the most venomous creatures on earth.

7 Jellyfish Facts (15 pics)

A group of jellyfish was formerly known as a “smack” but now is referred to as a “swarm”.

8 Jellyfish Facts (15 pics)

The Phialella zappai was named after the favorite musician of the discovering scientist, Frank Zappa, who was once quoted as saying, “There is nothing I'd like better than having a jellyfish named after me.”

Jellyfish reproduce both sexually and asexually.

9 Jellyfish Facts (15 pics)


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