Best Services For Students That Can Save Your Time

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1 Best Services For Students That Can Save Your Time

9 Services That Can Help Students Save Time

Student life is an exciting period. Firstly, certain independence appears, and the usual school control by teachers becomes barely noticeable. Secondly, the student will dip into a new society - dorm roommates, responsibilities, academic reputation, etc. At this rate, finding the time and energy for all tasks is not easy. However, some services are ready to help save your time. We collected the best of them!


Your teacher asked you to write too many essays, and are you on the verge of missing deadlines? Take advantage of the writing services of an essay assistant! BidForWriting is an online service that provides professional writing, editing, and rewriting services for all types of essays. The company has assembled a team of scientists, teachers, linguists, and editors who can make an essay for you in no time. In addition, experts can suggest ideas for essays, thereby saving you time generating topics.

To use the services of BidForWriting, you can tell the manager, "help write my essay," and the agent will pick you an author with a lot of knowledge. If you would like to edit your essay, experts can be improving your writing by removing any mistakes from the text. The company has an excellent online reputation, warranties, and 24/7 support. So this is where you get the best essays writing help!


One of the world's most popular productivity apps is an acronym for If This Then That. IFTTT is the most powerful tool for automating anything. Teams create automated actions. For example, you want to automatically generate a PDF file with all contacts on your phone - a specially designed command in the application will do this. The program can also collect all the necessary photos into a new Dropbox folder, add the teacher's comments to the desired project. Thus, you do not have to waste time collecting or managing information - IFTTT automates all tasks.


Feedly will put together a structured list if you have a long list of sites and blogs that you want to use for your studies. You need to add a collection of the sites you want to the application, and it will collect the latest updates on each of the sites in an easy-to-read order. You can manage sites by groups (for example, fashion, travel, culture) to study everything that happened in the world on each topic specifically.


The ability to manage income rationally is a dream for many students. May you not have had the time and great app to track your monthly expenses? Hundreds of thousands of Goodbudget users around the world find it ideal for planning and budget control. The app allows you to take notes with other people, such as your roommate. In your account on the site, you can set up transaction tracking. Thus, by analyzing Goodbudget reports, you will understand how to spend more efficiently.


Do you visit websites too often instead of spending time on valuable tasks? A brilliant invention: Self-Control blocks access to websites. The app stores passwords for your social networks, mail, games, and other tools. At the right time, the program changes your passwords to their own, inaccessible for memorization. You can set a timer when the application shows you its password for the desired site. As a result, you will not be able to enter the platform until the set time has expired. However, you will become more productive and get rid of the habit of visiting unnecessary sites.


Evernote is a virtual notebook that you will never forget at home, will not lose, and will store all the information recorded in it in perfect order at your fingertips. All your notes will be on special cloud storage. You can manage them with the help of a small application downloaded from the same service and installed on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Even if, for some reason, you lose the mentioned devices, records, projects, presentations, pictures you have created will not go anywhere. To resume access to them, you need to go into your account. Aren't these the best ways to quickly find the data you want?


TickTick Scheduler helps you sort out tasks and set reminders by adding sub-items, tags, files, and documents to tasks. You can group tasks into thematic folders and stacks. TickTick has voice support so that assignments can be set not only in writing. To improve concentration while working, the creators added a classic and convenient Pomodoro-style timer. Thus, you will always be aware of tasks and complete them on time, thereby saving time for entertainment.


The app will help you make the most of your day and save time. RescueTime analyzes your day and identifies what you spend more time on. The program allows you to understand better how your time is distributed and organized. Among its many functions, the app sends you reminders if you take too long to solve a problem, provides detailed reports, and gives you a performance score. Therefore, you will learn to complete tasks faster to receive rewards.


In connection with the coronavirus, many colleges and universities have sent students on distance learning. Most teachers send students assignments by email and overload the platform. Is reading and sorting your mail unnecessarily time-consuming? Sanebox makes email smarter by using artificial intelligence to separate important inboxes from unimportant ones. Important letters come to you immediately, and unimportant ones remain in the daily digest, which you can scroll through in your free time. The utility integrates into your existing mailbox and works with the most popular services. So you don't have to abandon the familiar Gmail interfaces or the native iOS app.

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