Interesting Facts (25 pics)

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Approximately 350 slices of pizza are eaten each second in the U.S. alone.

1 Interesting Facts (25 pics)

Queen's Crazy Little Thing Called Love took Freddie Mercury 10 minutes to write while taking a bath.

2 Interesting Facts (25 pics)

Cyprus was supposed to host the first particle accelerator in the Middle East, but ministers chose to spend this money hosting the Miss Universe pageant instead.

3 Interesting Facts (25 pics)

Nordlingen is a German town that was built inside a 14 million-year-old meteor crater.

4 Interesting Facts (25 pics)

The Soviet Union still holds the record for most Olympic gold medals in wrestling.

5 Interesting Facts (25 pics)

The Krabby Patty is actually a veggie burger. The series creator, Stephen Hillenburg, has stated that the patties don't contain any meat.

6 Interesting Facts (25 pics)

Polar bears are classified as marine mammals because they spend the majority of their lives on sea ice.

7 Interesting Facts (25 pics)

Most movie theater chairs are red because red is the first color the human eye loses sight of when lights dim, enhancing our viewing experience.

8 Interesting Facts (25 pics)

In 2017, a plastic bag was found by researchers at the bottom of Challenger Deep, which is the deepest part of the ocean.

9 Interesting Facts (25 pics)

Tigers are nearly invisible to their prey because their prey sees the color orange as green. Therefore, tigers blend into their surroundings.

10 Interesting Facts (25 pics)

The mineral element Promethium is so rare that it's estimated there are only 500-600 grams of it in the Earth's crust.

11 Interesting Facts (25 pics)

Hedgehogs used to be called urchins until around the 15th century. Sea urchins got their name from this old term, basically as the hedgehogs of the ocean.

12 Interesting Facts (25 pics)

In 1985, two Irish boys (ages 13 and 10) snuck from Dublin New York without being caught during travel. The boys snuck onto a train and ferry in Dublin, a train to Heathrow, and a flight to JFK.

13 Interesting Facts (25 pics)

It took four people only four days to replicate a typical 2.5-ton block of The Great Pyramid using the same tools found in an ancient quarry including copper chisels and wooden mallets.

14 Interesting Facts (25 pics)

The Netherlands gifts Canada 20,000 tulips every single year as a thank you for protecting the Dutch Royal Family during World War II.

15 Interesting Facts (25 pics)

Cigarette filters were originally designed with color-changing chemicals that would make people think it filtered out toxins. The filters actually have little to no health benefits.

16 Interesting Facts (25 pics)

The longest surgery ever performed took 103 hours and 20 doctors to complete back in 2001.

17 Interesting Facts (25 pics)

There's a herd of wild zebras in California that drivers can see off Route 1 near San Simeon.

18 Interesting Facts (25 pics)

Vermont ambulances have maple syrup stocked inside them for 'oral glucose' administration.

19 Interesting Facts (25 pics)

In the original ending of Pretty Woman, Richard Gere throws Julia Roberts out of his limo into an alley and tosses $3,000 at her.

20 Interesting Facts (25 pics)

Tug of war used to be an Olympic sport, for which Britain holds five gold medals.

21 Interesting Facts (25 pics)

Vampires were not originally inspired by bats. Vampires first appear in stories around the 12th century, while blood-sucking bats weren't discovered until the 16th century.

22 Interesting Facts (25 pics)

Guava is the fruit with the highest amount of protein with 2.55 grams per 100 grams.

23 Interesting Facts (25 pics)

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