Animal Facts (40 pics)

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"Say Hello To An Australian Echidna! One Of Only Two Mammals In The World That Lay Eggs (Called Monotremes)! This Little Girl Was Brought Into My Work"

1 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"Orphaned Baby Bats Which Are Rescued Are Wrapped Snugly In Blankets To Mimic The Warm Embrace Of Their Mother's Wings"

2 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"Alex, The African Grey Parrot, Is The Only Animal To Ever Ask An Existential Question. He Asked “What Color” He Was"

3 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"American Kestrel Is The Smallest And Most Common Falcon In North America. It Is Also Called The Sparrow Hawk"

4 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"Dogs Sneeze While Playing To Let Other Dogs Know They Are Playing And Aren't Trying To Be Aggresive"

5 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"New Study Shows “Rollie Pollies” Remove Heavy Metals From Soil And Protect Groundwater. Thank You To These Little Helpers!"

6 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"Red Pandas Can Stand On Their Hind Legs To Make Themselves Appear Larger"

7 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"They also have "False thumbs", which is an extension of the wrist bone, to aid them in grasping their food"

"Pygmy Hippos Are Critically Endangered, With Less Than 3,000 In The Wild. The San Diego Zoo Has Bred One For The First Time In Three Decades. His Name Is Akobi, And He’s Two Months Old"

8 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"Secretary Birds Are Famous For Its Snake-Stomping Legs; A Single Kick Delivered Some 195 Newtons Of Force"

9 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"They are also famous for their long eyelashes"

"Sand Cats Specialize In Surviving In The Desert"

10 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"They are not good climbers or jumpers, but they are excellent diggers. They use their digging ability to dig shallow burrows to escape the heat of the desert during the day."

"The Southern Viscacha Is A Species Of Rodent Native To Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, And Peru. They Spend A Large Portion Of Their Day Sunbathing, Grooming, And Resting"

11 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"Black-Footed Cat (Felis Nigripes) Is The Smallest Cat In Africa (Up To 5 Lbs) And Can Hunt Preys Bigger Than Himself"

12 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"Manatees Have No Significant Natural Predators And Can Be Found Co-Existing Peacefully With Gators"

13 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"Pigs Are Known For Being Very Sociable And Intelligent, And This Is Especially The Case For Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs"

14 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"Seals Will Perform The Banana Pose When They Are Feeling Safe And Content"

15 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"Lifting their heads and flippers into to the air also helps to regulate their body temperature and keeps their extremities dry when close to water."

"Capybara's Are Social Animals, Who Get Along With A Large Variety Of Other Animals, Including Chickens, Ducks, Dogs, Cats, Llamas, Rabbits And Turtles"

16 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"Including chickens, ducks, dogs, cats, llamas, rabbits and turtles"

"Wolverines Can Be Taught To Rescue Avalanche Survivors"

17 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"The Mangalica Is The Only Pig Species Covered In A Long Wool Coat, Similar To A Sheep's"

18 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"The Aardvark, Alphabetically The First Animal, Plays An Important Role In Preventing Wildlife Deaths From Fire"

19 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"They dig large underground burrows that wildlife can hide in during fires."

"Ravens Are Capable Of High-Quality Imitation Of Human Speech"

20 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"Penguin Chicks, Because Of Their Fat Insulation, When They Get Too Hot, They Pant And Stick Their Legs Out, Which Cools Them Off"

21 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"Elephants Are Intelligent, Social, Empathetic Animals Who Display 'Ah Ha' Spontaneous Problem Solving Behavior"

22 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"As babies they tend to be helpless, relying on their moms until they're three."

"Despite Their Appearance, Elephant Shrews Are In Fact More Closely Related To Elephants Than Shrews"

23 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"The Manul (Or Pallas' Cat) Of Central Asia Has The Longest And Densest Fur Of All The Cat Species"

24 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"The Chinese Mountain Cat Is One Of The Rarest Wild Cats, And Was First Captured On Camera In The Wild In 2007"

25 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"Beavers Have Orange Teeth Because Their Tooth Enamal Has A High Iron Content To Make Them Strong Enough To Chew Through Wood"

26 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"It Takes Bald Eagles About Five Years To Obtain Their White Head!"

27 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"These pictures are of the same bird taken years apart, illustrating the difference between juvenile and subadult plumage"

"These Guys Are Goldcrests, The Smallest Birds In Europe"

28 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"They weigh 1/100th of a pound and their eggs are the size of peas. They also looks really grumpy all the time"

"Aardwolves Are Neither Aardvarks Nor Wolves"

29 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"They are actually related to hyenas, but with one big exception - aardwolves feed mainly on termites, around 200,000 a day. This diet helps aardwolves maintain their protein and moisture needs in some of the driest places in Africa"

"Marine Iguanas Have A Mutualistic Relationship With Lava Lizards, As The Lizards Often Scurry Over Them To Hunt Flies"

30 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"As The Iguanas Are Herbivores, They Rely On The Lizards To Remove The Flies."

"Gibbons Are One Of The Only Non-Human Primates Which Practice Monogamy"

31 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"Both parents play a vital role in raising of their young"

"The California Ground And Rock Squirrels Have Acquired A Great Anti-Rattlesnake Defense"

32 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"They chew on the old snake skins, then lick and apply the mush onto their fur to disguise their own odor, tricking the rattler into scenting only snake and thus avoid detection from its slithering predators"

"There Are Only 880 Mountain Gorillas Left..."

33 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"The Maned Wolf (Chrysocyon Brachyurus) Is The Largest Canid In South America. His Marks Resemble Those Of Foxes, But He Is Not A Fox Or A Wolf. It Is The Only Species Of The Genus Chrysocyon (Which Means "Golden Dog"). These Wolves Are Also Commonly Mistaken For “El Chupacabra”

34 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"King Cheetahs Are Variety Of Cheetahs With A Rare Mutation Caused By A Recessive Allele. Their Cream-Colored Fur Are Marked With Large, Blotchy Spots And Three Dark, Wide Stripes Extend From The Neck To The Tail"

35 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"Done Brushing Your Dog? Birds Love Using The Hair To Build Nests. Set Aside One Birdfeeder To Fill With Hair"

36 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"Snow Leopards Cover The Distance Of A Marathon (26.2 Mi) In One Night"

37 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"They also cannot roar. They are also more closely related to tigers than they are to leopards! But they are definitely the cutest"

"Native To Mexico, The Axolotl Has A Slimy Tail And A Mouth That Curls Into An Odd Smile. It Is Known As The "Water Monster" Or The "Mexican Walking Fish.""

38 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"Hippos Can't Really Swim. Their Big Bones Are Too Dense And Heavy, So They Just Push Off The Ground, Walking Or Bouncing Off The Bottom"

39 Animal Facts (40 pics)

"Australian "Firehawk" Raptors, Such As This Black Kite, Have Recently Been Found To Purposefully Spread Wildfires"

40 Animal Facts (40 pics)


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