Look Twice (23 pics)

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Because of the stained wood, my cat looks like he’s floating in this pic.

1 Look Twice (23 pics)

My son, floating in a chair.

2 Look Twice (23 pics)

A seagull carrying a small human

3 Look Twice (23 pics)

Is she being held up by her foot or hair?

4 Look Twice (23 pics)

From this angle, it looks like my cat has 3 legs.

5 Look Twice (23 pics)

You might want to take a bite of this bread roll, but it’s a geode.

6 Look Twice (23 pics)

There is more than just one cat, can you find it?

7 Look Twice (23 pics)

My mom popped outside for some air at the theatre and I couldn’t tell which one she was.

8 Look Twice (23 pics)

This dog has two balls in its mouth, but if you cover up the bottom ball with your thumb it looks like a normal dog with a very serious face.

9 Look Twice (23 pics)

This picture of my friend’s daughter looks like she’s levitating and missing both legs.

10 Look Twice (23 pics)

I accidentally took a pic of my dog at a weird angle and most people can’t tell if he’s at the top or bottom of the stairs.

11 Look Twice (23 pics)

Brother-in-law made these. I took a bite expecting a hotdog…they’re doughnuts.

12 Look Twice (23 pics)

Floridian four-legged flamingo.

13 Look Twice (23 pics)

A twig? No, a moth!

14 Look Twice (23 pics)

My favorite rug.

15 Look Twice (23 pics)

OP standing outside an indoor pool building, taking photo through the window. The window is semi-reflective, but the pool interior is dimly lit so its reflection only shows where there is a dark shadowed building outside behind the photographer.
The sky and other areas are brighter, so they overpower the dimly lit reflection (note the ceiling girders continue into the sky for example).
This one is really good, everything lines up perfectly especially the path and edge of the pool.

16 Look Twice (23 pics)

Goose looks like sludge at first.

17 Look Twice (23 pics)

This rainbow at sunset looks like a giant planet.

18 Look Twice (23 pics)

I mistook its nostrils for eyes and its teeth for a nose!

19 Look Twice (23 pics)

20 Look Twice (23 pics)


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