What Are These Things For? (21 pics)

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Strange glass vase/device purchased from an Op Shop?
A: Looks like a Bunnings car park in the picture, I'm assuming this is Australia and that's what we call them here.

1 What Are These Things For? (21 pics)

2.25″x.5″x.5″ (approx.) steel bar with rounded upper surface containing two unequally spaced circular fasteners(?) with small round dimples. [Not typical screw fastener] What is this for?
A: It’s to prevent skateboarders from sliding and grinding the edge.

2 What Are These Things For? (21 pics)

Little red dot, metal border. No idea other than that?
A: Vintage plastic metal bingo chips .

3 What Are These Things For? (21 pics)

Grey & white cylinder with what looks like a camera
A: That’s most definitely an Amazon Blink Camera I have one to keep an eye on my dogs while I’m at work.

4 What Are These Things For? (21 pics)

This was in my Band-Aid wrapper instead of a Band-Aid. Almost rubbery. Solid construction, not sticky, same on opposite side.
A: Looks like a manufacturing error where that may be the start, or end, of a production run. Either that or a golden ticket to see Billy Blanca at the band aid factory

5 What Are These Things For? (21 pics)

These strange dust patterns keep showing up on screens of my apartment windows.
A: Previous tenant smoked w a fan in the window. I’ve seen this so many times turning over apartments for work.

6 What Are These Things For? (21 pics)

Green rectangular key with 3 pins on one end and CISCO, CAS, and a '0' printed on it.
A: This is a cable access system pad. It's used in the silver / green cable distribution amplifiers (nodes) to modulate the signal out. The 0 indicates it removed no signal and allowed full power out down the run.

7 What Are These Things For? (21 pics)

Royal mail cabinet with no slots by the side of the road in North of England. What is this cabinet for?
A: It's a pouch box. Posties have their sacks delivered to them via these storage boxes.

8 What Are These Things For? (21 pics)

Flew over my house tonight. Seemed like maybe a low flying satellite but it had this tail and the brightness wasn't constant
A: Falcon 9 launch. You’re seeing the second stage of the rocket.

9 What Are These Things For? (21 pics)

Box-shaped window in slanted roof of 19th century Abbey (UK) - does this type of window have a name?
A: It's a dormer window. There are many different styles, but basically an extra bit of roof to allow a window above the roof line.

10 What Are These Things For? (21 pics)

Hand sewn cloth item received with kitchen stuff.
A: Casserole or pie dish carrier.

11 What Are These Things For? (21 pics)

Metal item found in an area of the Southeastern US with a lot of civil war history. I’m not sure what it is and would like some further insight
A: Looks like a flattened Minié ball to me.

12 What Are These Things For? (21 pics)

What is this thing. Made out of wood and metal. And bolts to a surface. No works or numbers on it
A: A ship and rope tie line anchor from an old wharf.

13 What Are These Things For? (21 pics)

A hose coming from a fire hydrant to a metal box. What is this box?
A: Pressure logger. It records water pressure over time on a graph. This is an older one. Newer ones are electronic and can transmit the data wirelessly.

14 What Are These Things For? (21 pics)

Stacked colored plastic discs with differently sized holes held together by bracket
A: It's a clothespin

15 What Are These Things For? (21 pics)

Building type with slits raised above the ground
A: Grain store. It's known as a Hórreo and is raised to keep rodents from eating the grain.

16 What Are These Things For? (21 pics)

4 pieces total, they attached in the center as shown in pic. Metal rods and a straps all over the place. Device is hinged in the center where the pieces attach. No numbers or words on product. Looks like it came from China, but cant make out any info on usps label.
A: It looks like a femoral traction splint. Used by EMS to stabilize femur fractures. Does it have a little stand that connects on the end?

17 What Are These Things For? (21 pics)

Metal wired loops with colorful beads in between, the entire thing can turn inside out to change its form
A: I used to have one of these as a kid. It was a prize from one of those fundraisers at school for selling cookie dough or gift wrap or something. It’s just a novelty toy. From some googling, I think it’s called a wire/magic/folding mandala.

18 What Are These Things For? (21 pics)

Small metal object with handle that twists for 'vents'. Has with internal mesh and kind of fabric. Also cover.
A: It is a burner to keep food warm. You can regulate the heat by turning the cover. And extinguish it with the leftmost piece.

19 What Are These Things For? (21 pics)

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