Food Hacks (20 pics)

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Does anybody else do this or am I the only crazy one?

1 Food Hacks (20 pics)

Use a spoon to anchor your strainer

2 Food Hacks (20 pics)

Put a koozie on your ice cream pint, keep your hand warm, and ice cream cold.

3 Food Hacks (20 pics)

For easy-to-eat s'mores, try making them in ice cream cones.

4 Food Hacks (20 pics)

Toast your buns on a conventional toaster

5 Food Hacks (20 pics)

Make “sour patch” candy grape snacks by tossing grapes in lemon juice and different flavors of gelatin mix, chill or freeze (black cherry, lemon and lime flavors pictured)

6 Food Hacks (20 pics)

Empty ketchup bottles make excellent batter holders and dispensers.

7 Food Hacks (20 pics)

When sprinkling icing sugar over pastries or cakes, balance your wire tray over the sink (make sure the tap is out of the way!), dust liberally and any excess sugar can be easily rinsed away. No sticky counter / cloth! :)

8 Food Hacks (20 pics)

Elevating the bacon keeps it out of the grease and allows hot air to circulate around the strips, so they cook and crisp evenly.

9 Food Hacks (20 pics)

Weave your bacon like a basket while it’s raw. When it’s done cooking you can plop it right on your sandwich.

10 Food Hacks (20 pics)

No cooking twine? Use bacon!

11 Food Hacks (20 pics)

I cut bacon in half and freeze in individual pieces. Then I pack them into bags. When I want a little bacon I can pull just what I want and not have to find a use for the whole pound.

12 Food Hacks (20 pics)

Use mason jar can lids to get the patty shape when making black bean burgs. (Also works with eggs)

13 Food Hacks (20 pics)

Mason Jar lid ring to make my egg round for my breakfast sandwich! Totally works.

14 Food Hacks (20 pics)

You can add 2 eggs and 1/2 a cup of oil to turn any cake mix into cookie dough.

15 Food Hacks (20 pics)

Try the lemon method under the salmon to avoid burning your fish

16 Food Hacks (20 pics)

17 Food Hacks (20 pics)

Storing avocados with onion in the refrigerator keeps avocado fresh for days. I learned this by accident and found out it's actually a thing

18 Food Hacks (20 pics)

New to the sub, so sorry if this has been done before. But the bottom of J.Lohr (as well as any similar shaped wine bottle) makes a great press for homemade ravioli.

19 Food Hacks (20 pics)

My husband is using our baby monitor to keep an eye on the temperature of his smoker while he works.

20 Food Hacks (20 pics)

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