Reluctant to go out with a nerd? Here are 6 reasons to say “yes” to a date

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1 Reluctant to go out with a nerd? Here are 6 reasons to say “yes” to a date

We’ve come to associate the word “nerd” with so many negative stereotypes that even their positive representation in media has done little to dispel their “bad name”. I’m thinking of “Big Bang Theory”, or “The IT Crowd”. Calling someone a “nerd” is considered an insult and, I would argue, a fairly heavy one at that, specifically in a school environment. While the original meaning of the word has a lot of negative connotations, such as unattractiveness, social awkwardness or lack of a sense of fashion, today when someone describes themselves or someone they know as a “nerd”, we get a perception of a pathologically shy, bespectacled person, who would rather spend their time reading books, playing games (video or tabletop) or solving math problems than go out to a disco. While the negative stereotypes don’t come out of nowhere, generalization is never a good thing. Whether you are interested in “The Lord of the Rings” or Fermat’s theory, whether you need help fixing your laptop or choosing a new gadget for your iPhone, nerds will save your day. The geeks are your go-to people for all your needs for in-depth knowledge of any topic on this planet. Once you get past their shyness, they’re incredibly fun people to be around. Nerds of any gender can definitely be a catch on the dating scene, too, and here is why.

1. A nerd is a charmer

Once again, the main hurdle is their shyness. Once that is overcome, a nerd will reveal themselves to be extremely charming. Their extensive – sorry, bottomless, - knowledge of their favorite topic is a goldmine of conversation starters. Be it the latest article they read on about the difference between CGI and animation or Superman’s superiority over Batman, you will never get bored. Let’s not forget about the endless list of possible science-y pick up lines. Who could resist this good oldie: “I need some answers for my math homework. Quick. What’s your number?”?

2. A nerd is genuinely interested in you

Being often overlooked and shunned by the “cool kids”, nerds learn not to bother with outside contact unless they truly like the person they’re befriending. Consider it a defense mechanism that comes down only if the other person is trustworthy in their eyes. Nerds will put an impressive amount of effort into getting to know people for who they really are, so rest assured that their interest in you will not be feigned.

3. A nerd is a bottomless well of trivia

By definition, nerds spend a lot of time digging into their favorite thing. Be it “Star Trek”, maritime biology or Disney history, you’ll be extremely surprised to discover the endless number of facts they have at the tip of their tongue. You will always be learning new things, becoming a better person in the process. You might just become an expert on the Israeli-Arabic conflict thanks to your geek partner.

4. A nerd is extremely tech-savvy

You’ll need to do your own research on tech-related topics: a nerd will be your own personal assistant as far as any type of technology is concerned. It goes without saying that they will be getting most of their technological news from As any nerd out there will tell you, it’s the best site to check out to get your fix of updates from the geek world.

5. A nerd will always be up for stay-in fun

Everyone knows those evenings where it feels like boredom is literally killing you. Good news: you can wave those tedious hours goodbye if you date a nerd. Every geek has at least one shelf full of board games of every kind. There is never a dull moment for a group of people who are playing UNO or Monopoli. And there is no doubt that a nerd will know every little rule to the game and will explain it to you in detail.

6. A nerd can be extremely funny

An aspect often sought after in a partner is a good sense of humor. Seek no further than your trusty geek. They will always have a “so bad it’s good” pun ready, but also an elaborate STEM-related joke. “Couples who laugh together, stay together”. Truly words to live by.

In conclusion, dating a nerd is an all-around good deal, starting with their opening line all the way to moving in with them: you’re guaranteed to have enormous amounts of fun, laugh ‘til your sides hurt, learn new facts every day and be loved unconditionally. So what’s stopping you from saying “All my base are belong to you”?

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