'The Mummy' Movie Facts (15 pics)

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All the main cast members had to have kidnapping insurance taken out because Morocco was so dangerous at the time. Director Stephen Sommers didn’t tell the actors until after filming had wrapped.

1 'The Mummy' Movie Facts (15 pics)

Brendan Fraser was cast due to the success of George of the Jungle. Stephen Sommers also commented that he felt Fraser fit the Errol Flynn swashbuckling character he had envisioned perfectly. The actor understood that his character "doesn't take himself too seriously, otherwise the audience can't go on that journey with him."

2 'The Mummy' Movie Facts (15 pics)

Tom Cruise was originally offered the lead role but turned it down. He finally took a crack at the world of ancient Egypt when he starred in the 2017 version of The Mummy.

3 'The Mummy' Movie Facts (15 pics)

Leonardo DiCaprio was rumored to have loved the part as well but had to decline because of a conflicting filming of The Beach.

4 'The Mummy' Movie Facts (15 pics)

Brendan Fraser almost died while filming the hanging scene and had to be resuscitated after he stopped breathing.

5 'The Mummy' Movie Facts (15 pics)

The library stunt was done in a single take because it would have taken a full day to redress the set.

6 'The Mummy' Movie Facts (15 pics)

Kevin J. O’Connoer, who plays Beni, was never able to get his camels to follow commands as they apparently hated him.

7 'The Mummy' Movie Facts (15 pics)

One of the background extras can be seen wearing a cloak that was originally worn by Sir Alec Guinness during the filming of Star Wars.

The bad@ss character Ardeth Bay was supposed to die in the film’s ending but Sommers rewrote the part after he liked actor Oded Fehr so much.

8 'The Mummy' Movie Facts (15 pics)

Bay is also an homage to the 1932 film of the same name, where Imhotep uses the name as an alias.

9 'The Mummy' Movie Facts (15 pics)

The Medjai were originally tattooed from head to toe but Sommers vetoed it because he thought Fehr was too good looking to be covered in tattoos.

10 'The Mummy' Movie Facts (15 pics)

Patricia Velasquez’s costume was almost all body paint and took 4 hours to apply each day.

11 'The Mummy' Movie Facts (15 pics)

There are somehow 8 films in this series. The original was followed by 2 sequels and the spinoff The Scorpion King, which has 3 sequels and a prequels.

12 'The Mummy' Movie Facts (15 pics)

During the filming of the scene in which hail and fire fall down on Cairo, dried dog food was painted white and used as balls of hail, thrown down on the set.

13 'The Mummy' Movie Facts (15 pics)

The effects team was told "no gore" when designing the look of the Mummy. They actually did tests for "grossness threshold."
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14 'The Mummy' Movie Facts (15 pics)


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