Wholesome Stories (30 pics)

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Our cats came to comfort my girlfriend after her surgery.

1 Wholesome Stories (30 pics)

Brain surgery was successful. The craziest moments of my life are over.

2 Wholesome Stories (30 pics)

My dad passed unexpectedly a few weeks ago and my mom found this in his drawer. It’s a piece of cardboard wrapped in construction paper that I gave him as a kid. He had kept it at least 15 years.

3 Wholesome Stories (30 pics)

Not only am I 120 days sober, but today was my first day working my dream job as a web designer! I've lost a bunch of weight since getting sober and just feel great about myself. Cheers!

4 Wholesome Stories (30 pics)

My grandparents play a game where they take turns to hide a telly tubby around the house for the other to find.

5 Wholesome Stories (30 pics)

First day of chemo vs. LAST!

6 Wholesome Stories (30 pics)

It took 3 months of being sweet and kind everyday to this 33 year old blue and gold macaw (his name is Taco), before he finally stepped onto my arm on his own. We think he was abused before. He's happy now though!

7 Wholesome Stories (30 pics)

After my fiancé cheated on me and destroyed me emotionally 10 months ago, I have completely redefined myself and became someone I like being. I found new love with a supportive woman and even achieved my dream of owning a motorcycle! Never been happier than I am now!

8 Wholesome Stories (30 pics)

I bought my first bike one year ago today.

9 Wholesome Stories (30 pics)

My brother saved his now wife’s fortune from their first date. He gave it back to her 5 years later with an engagement ring!

10 Wholesome Stories (30 pics)

8 years ago, I got into some legal trouble. I struggled to find work, going through over 30 interviews before I found a job. I eventually worked my way up to manager. Today, all my hard work paid off when I bought my first car by myself! I’m so proud of myself I just had to share.

11 Wholesome Stories (30 pics)

My Valentine's gift for my wife. I bought a chest at a craft store. Sanded it, stained it, sealed it, engraved it, and filled it with 365 love notes: one a day until next Valentine's.

12 Wholesome Stories (30 pics)

This past year has been so hard. I was diagnosed with leukemia months before the pandemic started. We got this little bug last June, and I think she is the reason that I’ve been able to stay afloat and smile more than I cry during all of this.

13 Wholesome Stories (30 pics)

Cheers to 2 years of health! 100 lbs. lost and maintained for a year.

14 Wholesome Stories (30 pics)

People have been leaving these packages of socks, hats, scarfs, gloves etc. around my city.

15 Wholesome Stories (30 pics)

Someone found my stolen wallet 2 months later and returned it to me with this inside.

16 Wholesome Stories (30 pics)

I am overwhelmingly excited because today, for the first time in over a year, I got to visit & hug my Dad in long term care!

17 Wholesome Stories (30 pics)

After years of applying and disappointment, my mom finally got a job that she’s longed for. I’m very proud.

18 Wholesome Stories (30 pics)

20 years ago I was 8 and my Grandma bought me a yellow Game Boy Color. The box said it was supposed to be Teal/blue. I was a little disappointed, but still loved it. Today my new Switch came in the mail. Yellow on purpose, because it made me think of Grandma.

19 Wholesome Stories (30 pics)

My 6 yo son just decided to play cello. Pictured: my cello is size 4/4 and his is 1/8. Playing with him is one of my greatest joys. It may not last for long, but I’ll cherish every moment we share.

20 Wholesome Stories (30 pics)

Not sure I will ever take a sweeter photo of my new parakeet.

21 Wholesome Stories (30 pics)

The way the surgeon made this incision on my boyfriend’s arm to keep his tattoo as unchanged as possible after he tore his bicep.

22 Wholesome Stories (30 pics)

3rd Generation “Roof Dog”: Our neighbor’s first husky learned how to climb onto the roof, then proceeded to teach the next husky that came along, then the present generation. The home is near a school and the kids always look for him on their walk home.

23 Wholesome Stories (30 pics)

My local tennis center donates balls to dogs in need.

24 Wholesome Stories (30 pics)

1st picture was the peak of my opiate addiction. 2nd is a recent of one of me healthy and sober.

25 Wholesome Stories (30 pics)

At 45 years old, I finally learned how to olli

26 Wholesome Stories (30 pics)

27 Wholesome Stories (30 pics)


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