Great Dads (22 pics)

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“My dad bought a farm with his life savings and is now not only a beekeeper but also happy. He texted me this today.”

1 Great Dads (22 pics)

“My dad built this in maybe 4 days. Check out the before photo.”

2 Great Dads (22 pics)

“My dad is getting ready to open a bakery. This is one of my favorites he’s made so far. This is all buttercream icing.”

3 Great Dads (22 pics)

“My dad has had a mahogany plank sitting in his garage for the last 25 years. When asked what he was going to make, he said that the wood would ‘speak to him when it was ready.’ And it finally happened:”

4 Great Dads (22 pics)

“My dad built a greenhouse out of piles of random stuff he’s been saving in the ’you never know when it will come in handy’ pile. Only had to spend $40 on 8 large bolts.”

5 Great Dads (22 pics)

“My dad 3D printed a lever to replace his light switch.”

6 Great Dads (22 pics)

“I introduced my dad to Minecraft. This is a poster board with a pieced-together map he created encompassing the world he was playing in/exploring.”

7 Great Dads (22 pics)

“My dad makes paper sculptures for a living.”

8 Great Dads (22 pics)

“Gingerbread house my dad made for Christmas”

9 Great Dads (22 pics)

“My dad makes rings out of coins from different eras.”

10 Great Dads (22 pics)

“My dad is pretty legit when it comes to making dog beds.”

11 Great Dads (22 pics)

“A cutting board my dad made me from scraps”

12 Great Dads (22 pics)

“My dad made this wardrobe for me!”

13 Great Dads (22 pics)

“My dad made me this door when I was about 12 and was moving into my new room. He also made a custom bedroom door for each of my brothers.”

14 Great Dads (22 pics)

“Cozy bunk beds that my dad built for my kids.”

15 Great Dads (22 pics)

“My dad is really into wood burning. This is his latest creation!”

16 Great Dads (22 pics)

“Hand-made lavender wreath made by my dad.”

17 Great Dads (22 pics)

“This is all my dad’s skill and work — he thatches roofs using dried grass.”

18 Great Dads (22 pics)

“It’s my birthday and since I can’t go bowling my dad made this.”

19 Great Dads (22 pics)

“My dad is a beekeeper. Today was the comb harvest.”

20 Great Dads (22 pics)

“My dad made my indoor cats a tower/bridge/treehouse so they could safely enjoy the outdoors.”

21 Great Dads (22 pics)

“My dad converted an old Mini-Cooper into an electric car.”

22 Great Dads (22 pics)


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