Dog Myths (10 pics)

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Myth: A Dog's Mouth Is Cleaner Than A Humans
That a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's. And this myth started when dogs licked their wound, they were seen to heal quicker, but that wasn't because they're cleaner, it was because of the blood flow from licking it. So dogs' mouths are dirtier and this is probably why your vet tells you not to let your dog kiss your face.

1 Dog Myths (10 pics)

Fact: Staring At You While They Do Their Business
Your dog is staring at you while they poop because they trust you and think you'll look out for them while they're vulnerable while they're doing their business.

2 Dog Myths (10 pics)

Fact: Putting Paw On You
Whenever your dog puts their paw on you like this, it's their way of showing that they love you and it's their way of petting you.

3 Dog Myths (10 pics)

Fact: Dogs Can't Feel Guilt
Even though your dog may look guilty, dogs cannot feel guilt.

4 Dog Myths (10 pics)

Fact: Dogs Can Get Jealous
On the flipside, dogs can feel jealousy. Any time you're giving attention to another dog, treats, petting, your dog can feel jealous.

5 Dog Myths (10 pics)

Fact: They Know Your Routine
Your dog actually knows your routine. If you have a pretty normal routine, your dog can tell when you're coming home based off of the amount of your scent left in the house.

6 Dog Myths (10 pics)

Myth: Dogs See In Black & White
That dogs see in black and white. Dogs lack some light receptors in their eyes to see colors, but they can see on a yellow-blue scale and this is what it would look like in their vision versus ours.

7 Dog Myths (10 pics)

Fact: Scooting Their Butt
When your dog is scootin' his butt across the floor like this, he's not just trying to make you laugh. This is almost a sure sign of plugged or infected anal glands, which can collect fluid and can actually be drained manually, or they might be given something for it.

8 Dog Myths (10 pics)

Myth: Dogs Eat Grass When They're Sick
That dogs eat grass because they're sick. And while this can be true, a lot of dogs do this out of boredom or they just think it's fun to eat grass.

9 Dog Myths (10 pics)

Myth: 1 Human Year = 7 Dog Years
That 1 human year equals 7 dog years. The first year of a dog's life is usually about 12 to 15 human years, the second is usually 9 to 10, and the rest after that are usually about 4 to 5. It depends on the dog's weight, breed and other things.

10 Dog Myths (10 pics)

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