Sports in UK and Canada

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1 Sports in UK and Canada

In many countries, sports betting is an integral part of any sports competition. Even in regions where betting and gambling are illegal, people find operators online in order to place their bets. This also means that depending on the regulatory body the sports betting experience can be different. These laws are also often reviewed and revised, in order to address the issues that can potentially arise from advertising. Here we will compare the UK and Canada and see how sports betting experience can vary in those two geographies.

How Are They Similar?

As mentioned sports wagering is legal in both UK and Canada, however, that does not mean the betting options are exactly the same. What’s the same in this case is that sports betting operators are regulated by the government which means that both countries get tax revenue from this activity. Another similarity is that players can bet on multiple matches or place so-called parlay bets, but when it comes to single-event bets things get a bit different.

As far as the betting options go they are pretty much the same across all sports, it’s just that some sports like NHL are more popular in Canada whereas Football is more popular in the UK. This means that betting guides apply regardless of where you are making your bets. Moreover, you can bet online in both the UK and Canada.

What’s Different

As mentioned there is some difference when it comes to single-event wagers. Up until recently, you could not place this type of bet in Canada at least when it comes to the legal operators. Luckily, they passed Bill C-218 which changed this, but it is still to be implemented across all provinces. The first one to act was Ontario and they formed a new regulatory body that can swiftly implement this change with their sportsbooks. British Columbia is probably next in line to go through with this change.

Of course, there were operators in Canada who are not licensed there and who did allow Canadians to place bets with them. This is pretty similar to the online gambling situation. Canada does not issue licenses for online gambling parlors but citizens can place bets with foreign providers. This means they still get to enjoy 50 free spins no deposit incentives that allow them to play slots with just a minor deposit. In the UK on the other hand, online gambling is legal, and the government regulates the operators there.

Sports Sponsorships in The UK

Given how the UK is more permissive when it comes to gambling and sports betting the advertising for that type of entertainment tends to be more aggressive there. Quite often sports betting operators and casinos actually use football teams and players as brand ambassadors and give them generous donations. This allows clubs to create more spectacular events and even build massive stadiums.

However, this does not mean that the UK is not rigorous when it comes to the regulatory framework. People in the UK are pushing back and do not wish to see casino commercials on any channel or environment where kids can be exposed to such content. As a result, an online betting platform relies on a generous bonus that comes from the casino deposits to get users excited as it gives them a better chance to win online.

Sports Sponsorships in Canada

2 Sports in UK and Canada

Unlike the UK, Canada wanted to avoid sports betting operators as sponsors for the teams, given how they don’t like the idea of the two becoming synonymous. As far as the NFL goes it is possible to secure enough funds without these sponsorships. However, other sports are not as popular in Canada, and clubs could be struggling to secure funding if they ignore this possibility.

Since online casinos are not legal there are no sponsorships from these providers but land-based casinos can still support the teams. Let’s not forget that the restrictions are getting laxer so it’s not impossible that down the line Canada will have state-regulated online gambling parlors. They are constantly imposing new limitations or adding more responsibilities to online gambling providers. This is why 200 free spins on first deposit or similar user incentives are becoming more common. In fact, a lot of countries decided to legalize online gambling in the wake of the recent pandemic, as it is one of the ways to secure more tax revenue and open up new jobs.


As you can see the situation in these two geographies is quite different when it comes to gambling. As far as sports betting goes they are becoming more similar. This is because a lot of people don’t regard betting and gambling as the same thing, and single-event bets actually divide the two further, given how they allow players more control over the odds.

This also means that the number of people who are using state-owned sportsbooks will increase as there are no more reasons to go to foreign providers, at least when betting is concerned. The same does not apply to online gambling considering how that’s the only option available to Canadians.

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